Monday, March 2, 2015

The Many Perks of Journal Writing

Hello Everyone!

I finally finished a journal. Hmm Sister Kelly, that took you quite a while. My journal has got to be one of the spottiest, random, sloppy journals ever. But anything for posterity, right? 

In honor of getting a new journal, a new month, a refreshed missionary checking account, and celebrating Justin Bieber's 21st birthday today (live it up Big Guy), I decided to really take a good look at my missionary much I have changed...and the areas where I still need a lot of self-improvement. 

In reflection, I am amazed with all the things that I have achieved on my mission and the person that I am continuing to become. 

I am so grateful for the Savior's Atonement. I am so grateful that when I fall short, there IS someone who knows what I am going through and forgives AND still loves me! I have realized on my mission that repentance shouldn't be a thing to fear, but a habit of wanting to improve. Repentance = Change of Heart. Repentance is NOT a grueling hour-long lecture of how we are all failures. The Lord is perfectly aware of us and loves us so much. I am grateful I can share that with people everyday! 

4 big miracles happened this week:

1. Sweet little Keilani is hopefully getting baptized on March 14th. 
2. I ate an orange. (Did you see that mom???? I ATE AN ORANGE!!!!!) 
3. Sister Wright and I survived an ice storm and we never slipped on the ice. 
4. I have discovered the magic of Taco Bell.

Love You All, 

Sister Kelly

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