Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Memories and Christmas Lights at the Temple

With the Fuller Girls
Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Sister Moore and I had so much fun with the Fuller family and our Ward member. Thank you all so much for making my Thanksgiving memorable. 

This week, Sister Moore and I gave the sisters we serve with a "heart attack." It's safe to say, that it was really exhilarating sneaking into their apartments and decorating their front doors. Sister Moore and I looked quite professional as we were able to pass by all of the lockout machines and front desks. I felt like a ninja. A sister missionary ninja who decorates doors with hearts:)

Recently, Sister Moore and I have had some amazing experiences letting people know about the temple light festival. No matter who we talk to, everyone is so kind and intrigued about it.

Let me give you an example. We went to go knock on a door and behind the door...there was this huge party. It was on the sketchy end but why not add to the party with a sweet temple light festival flyer? This guy walked out and thought we were two college girls that got invited.He started chatting with us. Little did he know that we were missionaries. We started talking to him about God. It turned out to be an awesome discussion. He was sober too. Score! He got really excited about the light festival. We then ended up crashing the party and everyone was so nice. Maybe because they were a little tipsy, but nonetheless, we had a good time with them.



Sister Moore and I finally get to live our dream of working at the DC Temple Visitor Center. We get to go once a week. 
We are beyond excited! 


Sister Kelly

Monday, November 23, 2015

Another DC Adventure

Hey Everyone!

We had another adventure in DC and it took all day. So, all I have to report are photos.

This past week was wonderful and busy.  Sister Moore and I love our ward. We had a great turn-out at church yesterday. 

I love Sister Moore and all of our memories.


Sister Kelly

Sister Moore

With Sister Lewis

Monday, November 16, 2015

Believing in Christ

Sister Moore and Sister Kelly

Hey Everyone!

Oh goodness this will be a short one!

I love Sister Moore so much. She actually bought me cat socks. We laugh so hard together that I feel like I'm back at college.

Also, my toothbrush fell out of my bag (long story) and got destroyed and contaminated and it was a major First World problem. So, sweet Josi, a college student from the Braddock Singles' Ward bought me a toothbrush. See photo below of her handing me the greatest gift since Sister Moore's cat socks.

Both Sister Moore and I are so motivated to work hard. It feels really great to dedicate your whole day to the Lord. I love the Braddock Ward so much. Our Bishop is incredible and I love our Ward members.

A lot of things happened this week that kept reminding me that God will always win...even though it might not look like it. He just always wins. If we pray and ask Him questions, He will give much more clear and peaceful answers than Google...or worse, Facebook.

Sister Moore showed me this article called "Believing Christ" by Stephen E. Robinson that I really loved. Here's a little story from the article. 

" When my son Michael was six or seven, he did something I thought was wrong. He is my only son, and I want him to be better than his dad was. So when he slipped up, I sent him to his room with the instructions, 'Don’t you dare come out until I come and get you!'

And then I forgot. Some hours later, as I was watching television, I heard his door open and tentative footsteps coming down the hall. I slapped my forehead and ran to meet him. There he was, with swollen eyes and tears on his cheeks. He looked up at me--not quite sure he should have come out--and said, 'Dad, can’t we ever be friends again?' I melted and pulled him to me. He’s my boy, and I love him.

We all do things that disappoint our Father in Heaven, that separate us from his presence, his Spirit. There are times when we get sent to our rooms, spiritually though not physically. When that happens, we sometimes lift up our eyes and say, 'O Father, can’t we ever be friends again?' The answer, found in all the scriptures, is a resounding 'Yes--through the atonement of Christ.' I particularly like the way it is put in Isaiah 1:18: 'Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.' [Isa. 1:18]"

With that, I would like to bear testimony that I know this church is true. It is. It just is. Everything that is done in this church is done through a Father in Heaven that loves ALL of His children and that we have a Savior who loves us no matter what. They both love us no matter who we are. It might be hard to feel that love...I know because sometimes I can feel a distance from it. But that does not mean that their unconditional love is not there.

Love you all, 

xoxo Sister Kelly

Monday, November 9, 2015

Sweet 16

Hello Everyone!


I reached my "Sweet 16" mark today! And in honor of this great event, I am going to list 16 things that have happened to me recently.

#1 - First and foremost, I just spent two hours with my mom's friend Tracy Fuller, her two daughters, Lauren and Emma and Lauren's baby, Grace. They are so beautiful and so much fun. I love my mom's friends. Thank you so much Fuller girls. 

With Sister Moore
#2 - I have a new companion, Sister Moore. We have wanted to be companions our whole missions. It is such a blessing to be with her. 
#3 - Sister Waldron went home and I felt numb saying goodbye to her :(
#4 - We MOVED. The day after transfers. I hate moving. It is the worst. We still don't have a couch. It's been a struggle.
#5 - We have some people we are teaching who are really progressing and changing their lives. It is amazing.
#6 - I love President Huntsman so much! He always knows what to say.
#7 - A General Authority, Elder Perkins, came to our mission last week (Monday). It was INCREDIBLE! I love him. 
#8 - Elder Perkins gave a talk in the October 2006 General Conference. EVERYONE should read it. It is titled, "A Great and Wonderful Love."
#9 - While Elder Perkins was talking to us, I shared a story about one of the times I knew the Book of Mormon was true. While we would read scriptures as a family, my dad often said, "Now how could Joseph Smith have written that?" I would always feel the spirit when my dad said that. Elder Perkins stood up and told me that my dad is awesome and that he's grateful that I have a family that reads scriptures together. Soooooo, shoutout to Mom and Dad for being awesome and diligent parents! Elder Perkins thinks you two are pretty cool ;)
#10 - Sister Moore and I helped a member on a class project. She goes to George Mason University. The project was about...The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. (Big surprise.) It was an amazing experience helping her out. She aced the speech!
#11 - Sister Moore and I already managed to get locked out of our new apartment AND get into a car wreck. (Car accident...not our fault.)
#12 - We almost ran out of gas on the freeway.
#13 - I introduced Sister Moore to Potbelly's sandwiches and she is totally converted.
#14 - I tried Whole Milk for the first time was okay.
#15 - We taught some less-actives about the concept of agency and how we cannot be acted upon. We read 2 Nephi 2 with them. The spirit was so strong. They came to church yesterday.
#16 - I love my mission and really don't want to go home :(

And so it is. My Sweet 16s.

xxoo Sister Kelly

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Saying Goodbye...

 Hello Everyone - 

We did not hear much from Elizabeth this week. A general authority came to speak to the missionaries on Monday, so her Preparation Day was switched to Thursday. What we do know is : (1) she moved, (2) she has a new companion and (3) as exhibited in the photos below, she had to say goodbye to two former companions. Goodbyes are never easy. 

We received her travel plans today, via email. She will arrive in Milwaukee, Friday, January 22, 2016 at 12pm. She is really coming home. 


Marya, Craig and Family

Saying goodbye to Sister Tescher (she is in the middle) Sister Kelly's MTC companion on the far left.

Saying goodbye to Sister Waldron.