Monday, March 23, 2015

A Costco Connection


Hey Everyone!

The weather here in the Washington DC South Mission is so much warmer. Thank Heavens. 

I didn't have to wear tights this week and I'm still smiling about it. 

We had great lessons with Lucinda and Nick. They are doing so well. Unfortunately, we had to pass them off to other wards, but they are in good hands. We told our Mission President about the miracles we had with Lucinda and Nick and he posted them on a "miracle" page sent out to the whole mission.  :) 

Oh and President Riggs told Sister Wright that I'm a stalker for looking at Nick's screen and titled our miracle, "Snooping at the Library!" HA!

Don't think we're crazy, but Sister Wright and I have organized a "Squirrel Squad" for Franconia. We pretty much stalk local squirrels. There is one in particular who lives by our apartment. We keep tabs on his love life. We have gotten some ward members involved with our "Squirrel Squad" and it's hilarious. We're too scared to tell the other guy missionaries (Elders). They would seriously judge us.

Highlight of the Week - 

We went to Costco with a member. She is 80+ years old. We had a blast. She's lonely and we love being her friend. Her one-liners are something Tina Fey needs to look into. At Costco, we met a sample lady (aka my dream job) named LaKisha who is Baptist. She loves our church because it teaches about Virtue. She was a crack up! My favorite quote of her's was, "Ladies everytime I get an impure thought, I start eatin' M&Ms until the thought subsides...I'm all about the celibacy!"

I was DYING. 

We gave her a card and she wants to go the Temple's Visitor Center with us. 

Why do we always meet the best people at Costco?


Sister Kelly

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