Monday, November 9, 2015

Sweet 16

Hello Everyone!


I reached my "Sweet 16" mark today! And in honor of this great event, I am going to list 16 things that have happened to me recently.

#1 - First and foremost, I just spent two hours with my mom's friend Tracy Fuller, her two daughters, Lauren and Emma and Lauren's baby, Grace. They are so beautiful and so much fun. I love my mom's friends. Thank you so much Fuller girls. 

With Sister Moore
#2 - I have a new companion, Sister Moore. We have wanted to be companions our whole missions. It is such a blessing to be with her. 
#3 - Sister Waldron went home and I felt numb saying goodbye to her :(
#4 - We MOVED. The day after transfers. I hate moving. It is the worst. We still don't have a couch. It's been a struggle.
#5 - We have some people we are teaching who are really progressing and changing their lives. It is amazing.
#6 - I love President Huntsman so much! He always knows what to say.
#7 - A General Authority, Elder Perkins, came to our mission last week (Monday). It was INCREDIBLE! I love him. 
#8 - Elder Perkins gave a talk in the October 2006 General Conference. EVERYONE should read it. It is titled, "A Great and Wonderful Love."
#9 - While Elder Perkins was talking to us, I shared a story about one of the times I knew the Book of Mormon was true. While we would read scriptures as a family, my dad often said, "Now how could Joseph Smith have written that?" I would always feel the spirit when my dad said that. Elder Perkins stood up and told me that my dad is awesome and that he's grateful that I have a family that reads scriptures together. Soooooo, shoutout to Mom and Dad for being awesome and diligent parents! Elder Perkins thinks you two are pretty cool ;)
#10 - Sister Moore and I helped a member on a class project. She goes to George Mason University. The project was about...The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. (Big surprise.) It was an amazing experience helping her out. She aced the speech!
#11 - Sister Moore and I already managed to get locked out of our new apartment AND get into a car wreck. (Car accident...not our fault.)
#12 - We almost ran out of gas on the freeway.
#13 - I introduced Sister Moore to Potbelly's sandwiches and she is totally converted.
#14 - I tried Whole Milk for the first time was okay.
#15 - We taught some less-actives about the concept of agency and how we cannot be acted upon. We read 2 Nephi 2 with them. The spirit was so strong. They came to church yesterday.
#16 - I love my mission and really don't want to go home :(

And so it is. My Sweet 16s.

xxoo Sister Kelly


  1. We LOVE Sister Kelly! What an honor and privilege it was to spend a couple of hours with this darling girl!! We can't wait to see her again.

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