Monday, March 30, 2015

On the Metro...

Passing through the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport on the metro.
The last time I was there, I

Hey Everyone - 

I'm currently writing this on the metro to DC, so in other words....I feel really urban chic right now. But, I'm reminded by my Walmart leggings, that I use as tights, that I'm really not that "kool."

I'm also wearing tights (leggings) AGAIN, which is not okay. It is still cold here in our Nation's Capital. 

This week was full of ups and downs. Sister Wright and I were so exhausted this week for some unknown reason. There were some days this week when looking back, we both can't even remember what I hope that means we worked hard?

Fun fact: While driving, I looked out my window and saw....deep in a forest...a HOBO JUNGLE! Well it was only a mattress, clothes lines, and some amateur stove that they probably made out of sticks. But, I was so intrigued. Only in Virginia would there be a hobo fort right next to a bunch of $1,000,000 homes. So classic.

We keep meeting these awesome people at Target. This past week, we found an investigator. But GUESS WHAT?? We have to PASS HIM OFF! This is the 3rd investigator we found this month that we have to pass off. We're not too sad about it because we tracted into a couple who used to take the lessons from the missionaries and want to be taught again. We are meeting with them tomorrow. I'm really excited! 

Women's Conference was great. We had a lot of people we teach show up. I really loved Bonnie L. Oscarson's talk as well Henry B. Eyring's. 

Also, everyone should watch "Because He Lives." It's such a good video. We took a photo with the Franconia Ward's Primary children and their teachers and posted the video. 


This week was a little tough but I have such a strong testimony in hope and faith through our Savior. Life is rough sometimes but we have to continue on. Because life moves on. It always has. I think that's what I love most about life...that it goes on. We will always get new days, new chances, new beginnings, new arrivals on Netflix, and new opportunities to start over again. That's what our purpose in life grow, learn, stretch, and strengthen....and then repeat. We sometimes mess up (in my case I mess up ALL THE TIME....just ask Sister Wright) but that's why we have the Atonement. That's why we have Christ. That's why we're celebrating Easter. 

I love Alexandria. I love my companion. I love this gospel. And, I love Sister Hale's Easter cookies. 

Sister Kelly

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