Monday, February 23, 2015

The Weather Outside Is Sort Of - Frightful

Hey Everyone!

All of Fairfax County literally freaked out this week because of the snow. This is their definition of "freaked out":  clearing out the grocery store, canceling school for 4 days and the mission advising us to walk instead of drive. Being a Wisconsin-ite, I did nothing but roll my eyes this week. I am NOT a wimp when it comes to this kind of weather.
I took this pic of Sister Wright #photographyskilz 

Another fabulous photo by Sister Kelly  

We have a sweet new investigator. She is 10 and so adorable. Her mom recently moved into the ward and also recently got baptized. She wanted her daughter to get baptized and so we're teaching her. Not gonna lie, it's kind of an adjustment teaching a 10 year old girl but she is so amazing and it was such a miracle that the Lord trusts us in teaching her. She is really special!

Realized that the Oscars happened last night and I literally have no idea what happened, what movies were nominated, or who wore what best. 

The whole mission is getting new iPads this week with NO Facebook on them. Drama! Sister Wright and I are now scrambling trying to save all our notes, videos, and priceless photos from our current iPads! The struggle is real. 

Love you all!

Sister Kelly

Is this how missionaries serving in Russia feel? 

So star struck right meow...

In honor of last year's Valentine's Day card...shout out to Elder Ahlstrom and Hermana Crawford
Happy Valentine's Day 2K15

In keeping with traditions... 

Lunch with Sister Kennedy and Sister Malufau before transfers. We went to IHOP.  

Our Zone selfie...this is the best zone ever.

Wondering why the people in Virginia are so upset about this weather. 

One of the Elders in our district had the flu and this is the text his companion texted us.We are still laughing about this.
The text gets better every time you read it. 

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