Monday, August 4, 2014

A Baseball Game, A Trip to the Temple and a Metro Ride

Hello Family and Friends!
     This week has been incredible. So many amazing experiences! I am reminded daily of how much our Heavenly Father knows me for sending me here.
     Everyday is different. Somedays we just teach people and teach people. I love teaching investigators, especially Tian. Tian is from China and is getting baptized on August 16th! Yay! She is here in the U.S. getting her MBA. She was Buddhist her whole life but never felt complete. When we teach her about how much Christ loves her, she gets so emotional. She loves God and Jesus Christ. Her love for them is strong and deep. Her prayers are so beautiful. She is willing to do anything to feel the spirit and never misses church. I have a real connection with her and it's not because she loves Kate Spade and Marc Jacobs. Ha! She is a friend. WE LOVE HER. 
     I also love our less actives. One of my favorites is Sister H. Oh how I love her. I cry everytime I teach her. Then she cries. Then we all cry. I prayed so hard on Sunday that she would come to church and she came! She has the saddest story but it is a strong story. She is a personal trainer and worked out with us on Saturday. My companion and I laugh all day long because we are so the point where it hurts to sit! She worked us GOOD.
     One of my favorite moments this week was taking sweet Kaley to the temple! Kaley isn't really religious but her cousin, Sister McCoy (one of my FAVORITE ward members) is and so we took her to the temple grounds. Walking around the Washington, DC temple is amazing. My favorite temple has always been LA but DC is seriously giving LA a run for it's money! The Visitor's Center at the temple is incredible. 
     Oh how I love Kaley. She is so strong and incredible. She loves feeling the spirit because she feels protected. She is visiting the McCoys for the summer in VA and heads home to Texas this week. She plays the violin and played for us the other day. Then I told her I played the violin. She told me to play something and we all chose "Nearer My God to Thee." There was a very strong feeling of peace and love in the room. We did a duet and it was so amazing. Sister Savage (my companion) and I went over to see Kaley last night to say goodbye and to play "I Need Thee Every Hour" with me on the violin and Sister Savage singing (she has such a gorgeous voice). I then gave Kaley a picture I found at the MTC. It is a picture of a girl in armor and it symbolizes being protected from evil and staying strong..and most of all fighting for what you know to be true. Kaley then said that she is considering baptism. What a blessing.
     OH AND WE WENT TO THE NATIONALS GAME ON SATURDAY. We beat the Phillies 11-0. Ha! I gave away my first Book of Mormon on the Metro to an awesome girl my age who loves Guster and Beyonce! Like hello are you mah soul sister??? We talked about music and concerts and then the gospel. What more could you want? She said she can't wait to read The Book of Mormon.
     I love the ward. I shared my testimony on Sunday. I was doing pretty fine with the tears until I started talking about how grateful Sis. Savage and I are for the support we have here. Ward members go to the ends of the earth to help us. I am so touched and humbled by their service each and every day. I shared in my testimony that being overwhelmed (ummm hiii that's pretty much my #1 emotion here) is the best feeling because it allows you to get down on your knees and to pray for help. It's what I do everyday and I am so much stronger because of it. I am overwhelmed by the hour here; but I am blessed because it's what keeps me close to God. I feel God's and Jesus' love every minute of the day. I feel their love whether it is watching a Somalian girl write her name for the first time while I am teaching the ESL classes,  or teaching Sister H., the personal trainer, about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. 
     Missions are so hard but so worth it.


Sister Kelly

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