Monday, August 24, 2015

Deep Gospel Discussions and Friends Inviting Friends

Hey All!

This week was incredible! Sister Corey and I hit the streets on Saturday and talked to so many people. We found a teenage girl who wants to learn more and she's the sweetest girl! She was so touched when we shared her a little message about how God loves her. She told us that she always wanted to go to church and be a part of a youth group but could never find one. We also talked to so many people who were of different faiths and it was really amazing talking about religion. I have literally had so many intellectual discussions out here that I might as well major in philosophy when I get home because trust me.....I've discussed it all. Who would have thought that I'd be talking about scripture with a professor of Chinese Literature at George Washington University? Or, that one time where I taught a corporate lawyer about the concept of pride and charity? I'm tellin' ya folks, I have been in some really intense, yet incredible situations out here!

Our investigators are amazing. Last week they BOTH told Sister Corey and me that they know the Gospel is true and are preparing themselves to make the commitment of baptism. Our one investigator decided to take a detour to the temple and booked a personal tour at the Visitor's Center all on his own! He also broke it to his family and friends that he's "considering becoming a Mormon" and to his surprise, they were all cool with it. It was such a faith builder for him to know that the Lord is always on your side. I feel like I don't emphasize enough about all the miracles that go down in this neck of the woods. But, let me tell you that every day I am so touched by all the beautiful things that are happening in this area. I witness so many tender mercies on a daily basis.

For example, we have been teaching this older gentlemen who used to be this really powerful lawyer in New Jersey. He said he didn't want to be converted or to be taught, but merely wanted to have "intellectual discussions about Christ". He is friends with many members of the Potomac Ward and is a fun person to talk to so...why not? Over the past couple of "discussions" we have seen a huge change in him. On Friday, he told us that he loves our little sessions so much that he wants to hear ALL the lessons we have. In addition, he shared that he has been telling his friends about his "meetings with the Mormon Missionaries". Right after he told us that, he shared that he invited a friend who wants to know more and that he would be coming in 10 min. Then, just this morning, we had a lesson with him and this friend brought another friend! Sister Corey and I feel so honored to teach him AND his friends!

I love this gospel and I love all of you, 

Sister Kelly

The roads I drive. The car I don't drive.
Focus on the license plate. Personalized license plates are a thing in VA.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Sister Kelly's Summer Adventures

Lunch with my friends from the Oakton Ward

Hey Everyone - 

So much happened this week that I don't even know where to start. This week went by really fast. Church was great yesterday, as always. We drove a lot this week but got a lot of work done. We are trying to clean out our area book and we've seen a lot of success because of it. We had some amazing lessons this week with people along with some effective, as always, meetings with the Ward Council. I love our Ward Council to pieces. 

One great thing that happened this week was teaching a less-active in our ward. She is not from this country and has been struggling with some things; so we decided to stop by and see her. She is in the process of moving. So, when we arrived, there was no furniture. The room was pretty much bare. We ended up watching "The Restoration" which is a 20 min. film about Joseph Smith and his experience of restoring the Gospel of Jesus Christ here on the Earth. Don't know what it was, but something about watching the film, via the ipad, on a bare living room floor, was a wonderful, spiritual experience. The spirit was so strong and I am so grateful for Joseph Smith. 

Met up with Sister Rossi and her companion to go to breakfast with a ward member we were close to in Oakton and her awesome daughter. Such a great reunion! 

I tried to have another Costco Connection, but it was a bust. A failed attempt. My companion and I THOUGHT a Costco was located near to a teaching appointment we had that was quite far away from where we live. All I wanted to do was go there for lunch! We  ended up getting really lost and to say, we almost drove 80 miles that day. Yikes. We eventually found a Costco...only about 30 min. away from home. 

Love you all!

Sister Kelly

Monday, August 10, 2015

Here I Am

At the Nationals' Baseball Game 8/8/2015

Hey Everybody - 

Our investigator Tom gave us some workouts to do. He demonstrated them and everything...we don't mess around in Potomac. MY ARMS ARE STILL BURNING FROM ALL THE DIPS AND PUSH UPS. I'm dying. Why is getting fit such a force to be reckoned with? We made a deal with him that if he prayed, we would plank. What did we get ourselves into?

Speaking of investigators, we had an AWESOME lesson with another one of our investigators, and he's praying about a date for baptism!!! :) 

Transfers happened and Sister Corey and I are staying in the Potomac Ward. Our District Leader pranked me and told me I was going to get transferred. It was NOT funny. I was so mad at him. My heart literally stopped and my stomach ached at the thought of leaving my area. How could I leave this incredible ward????? I could literally go to the Potomac Ward every single Sunday for the rest of my mission and be totally content.  

Sister Corey and I did a lot this week. We found a lot of people that our Bishop and Relief Society Presidents told us to go find. We had great lessons with them. I have such a strong testimony that working with the less-active members is just as important as finding new people to teach. 

We got a new has about 1000 miles on it. Safe to say this will be the nicest car I will ever drive in my whole entire life. We said farewell to our dear old car on Thursday. It was a sad goodbye, but it was needed. It's going to be really nice not having to go to Firestone every 2 weeks for some new melodramatic problem. I swear I've been to Firestone more than the Temple Visitor's Center on my mission. 

We went to the Nationals Baseball game on Saturday and it was a lot of fun. Got to see everyone I love. We didn't get home until midnight. We had such a blast! I ran into Hermanas from the DC North Mission who team taught an investigator with us. I also decided it would be a good idea to take a selfie with the DC North Mission President, President Cook. I was going to take one with my actual mission president, but I never got the chance. At least I have a selfie with some DC mission president, right? I saw Sister Maw, Rossi, and Tescher! Crazy that two of my companions went home on Friday (Sister Savage and Wright). But, it was sooo good to see my former partners in crime at the baseball game! 

President Cook and Sister Kelly

Saying, "Goodbye" to Sister Wright at the Mission Office

This month Sister Corey and I are going around the ward and doing the "August Attribute Challenge" with our ward members. I did this last year in the Oakton Ward and I'm excited to be doing it again here in the Potomac Ward. This month I personally chose the attribute, Diligence. It's been a really edifying experience studying the true meaning of diligence. I have A LOT to work on in this area. 

Speaking of "Diligence" or the lack thereof...the other day, a ward member asked me what I studied at BYU. Sister Corey quickly stated, "Sister Kelly studied FUN her freshman year." We both started to giggle. Yeah, let's just say my quest for diligence will be a continuing effort while I forge through my BYU career.

OH, I almost forgot the most exciting part of our week. We accidentally got lost in Georgetown (aka the Washington DC North Mission). We were trying to find somebody in Rosslyn (which really reminds of San Francisco, for some reason) when we got on the wrong street and before we knew it....we were crossing the Potomac River. Then we got lost in Georgetown because our GPS likes to make our life miserable. It was pretty dramatic. At least I can now say that I have been to Georgetown. It's super pretty by the way..I may like it more than Old Town...shhh. The worst part is that I looked on a map to see where we actually got lost. We were only 1 block away from GEORGETOWN CUPCAKES. I was so close, yet so far away...

Love you all!

Sister Kelly

With Sister Rossi

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Break-Up, A Fro-Yo Surprise Party and Avery

Hey Everyone!

Sister Corey and I had quite the week. We went to a "Return and Report" meeting with all the trainers and trainees in the mission. The Huntsmans were there. (Our new mission president and his wife) Always good to see them! Funny coincidence that my MTC companion is training Sister Corey's MTC companion :)

We had to drop one of our investigators who has been with us since March. He basically "broke up" with us, but we left on really good terms...kinda like one of those "let's take a break" relationships. It was sad but it was needed.

All I gotta say is, that by the time my mission ends, I'll be so prepared for getting dumped and stood up...and ignored. Ha! But seriously, the struggle is so real sometimes.

But, we have some awesome investigators right now. It's so incredible to see them grow. I love the Potomac Ward. I don't wanna leave! We have SO much support from our Ward Council and the rest of the members. And, we get fed every night now :) We are so close with so many Ward members and it is the best feeling.

Yesterday was Sister Corey's birthday. We spent it in DC with my friend from high school, AVERY! This marks the 3rd time we have seen each other since I began on my mission. We went to this cool Asian restaurant for lunch. I dropped a glass of ginger limeade down a flight of stairs and glass shattered everywhere. That was an event in and of itself! Then we went to the National Art Gallery which I'm pretty sure is the best part of the Mall (besides the Lincoln Memorial...and Jamba Juice). It was so great to be with Avery.

Sunday night I texted the TWO Relief Society presidents in our ward informing them of  Sister Corey's birthday (Monday). We planned a surprise "Fro-Yo" trip. And, our lovely Relief Society Presidents went the extra mile. They arranged to have some AMAZING gals in our Ward come to Sister Corey's "surprise party!" The more the merrier. It was the sweetest thing. We had so much fun!

So yeah, pretty much, the Potomac Ward is the best.  

Have a great week everyone!

Sister Kelly