Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Memories

Dear Family and Friends:

We had a wonderful Christmas Skype with Sister Kelly. We laughed and shared a lot of great stories. She is up-to-date on all of the Kelly Family happenings. She is working hard to the end. 

Here are a few photos we received this past week. 

Happy New Year.



Sister Kelly commented on how poorly my iPhone takes photos.  For the record, here is an example.
Sister Kelly Christmas Skyping.

The Kelly Family signing off on the Christmas Skype. Photo not-so-blurry. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

The Merriest of Christmas Greetings

Hey Everyone!

I went to Washington, DC for the last time as a missionary today:( It will be very hard to leave this city. 

The weeks are going by so fast. It's always funny how, whenever I don't want weeks to go by fast, they always do. We had a very eventful week. Many meetings, two exchanges, a whole mission Christmas conference, and we went to the temple visitors' center on Saturday night. It's really busy, but...I'm glad that it is. I only get 90 minutes to email on my Preparation Day. We had some neat experiences this week that made me feel like a missionary at Christmas time. By the way...feeling like it's Christmas is a miracle in it of itself because it has been so warm, here and there is no snow :( 

A few weeks ago, the Elders in our Ward told us to check on this girl who is less-active in Montclair (40 min south). They met her through their recent convert. Yesterday morning, I had this prompting to check in on her. I felt that she needed to be our last visit of the day. So off Sister Mooore and I went. So many miles. We started to get a little discouraged because it was already 8:15pm and we had to be home by 9pm. We got to her house and she was there with her family (she lives at home....pretty much all of the members in the Braddock Ward live with their parents.) Her family invited us inside and they were so kind. The parents immediately offered us drinks and then invited us over for Christmas Day!  Their home was BEAUTIFUL. They live on a lake. We found out that the daughter we were visiting and her other siblings left the church. But, the parents are very active and they are BYU-I Pathway Program missionaries. We sat down and shared an excerpt from Elder Christofferson's amazing article, "Be at Peace".  Her parents were so touched by the fact that we came. I could just feel this dad's sad soul being lifted for just a moment as his daughter mentioned that she liked the message and that she would love to meet with us again. 

Sister Moore and I walked away feeling that we weren't just following a prompting, but answering a mother and father's prayer. 

Then, earlier this week, I was on an exchange (worked with another sister missionary) in Old Town Alexandria and I had a promoting to check on someone who used to be interested in the church. We  knocked on the door. The girl we came to visit was in the shower but her roommate (or maybe her sister...cousin...friend?) answered the door. She wasn't too interested but I asked if we could show her a "little Christmas video" (He is the Gift) and she surprisingly let us in and we watched it. Well, long story short, we had the most amazing hour long conversation with her and her teenage son. I was near tears, the spirit was so strong. We all taught each other. It was incredible!  We read the scriptures with them and they loved it. THEN, she practically rejoiced when we asked if we could come back and teach her! But, I think my favorite part was when we were showing her "He is the Gift", her son came down the stairs to see what was going on and soon, found himself watching it...and he was smiling the whole time. Ahhh teenagers are the best! It was just the greatest.

I also got to drive down King Street at night with all the Christmas lights which was phenomenal.

It's moments like these when I don't want to leave my mission. Ever. 

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! Love you all so much!

Sister Kelly

Monday, December 14, 2015

Be At Peace

Good Evening Everybody:

Sister Kelly did not have time to write a blog entry today. She asked that I encourage her family and friends to read Elder Christofferson's article in the December, 2015 Ensign titled, "Be At Peace." (click underlined title)

Love to all,

Sister Kelly 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Simply Teaching

Dear Family and Friends, 

I'm going through a phase where everything that I am learning is super-eye-opening.  I'm a little ticked that I'm learning this 17-months-out, instead of 17-weeks-out.

For example, last week two people from the Mission Department in Salt Lake City, came to our mission. We had a training meeting where we focused on the importance of 
planning and teaching simply. I heard "teach simply," "simplify your teaching," "be simple in your teaching" and "teach in a way you would teach a 9-year-old" the entire conference. WOW! It really hit me of how important it is to "teach simply".

We had an investigator who was really sick for a month and then got in a car accident. We Skyped her from her bed the entire month of November. Yesterday, she came to church! Yay!

We have been getting so many referrals this week and teaching people. I love going out and talking with people about the gospel...even though sometimes it's a little nerve wracking :(

Last night, we watched the Christmas Broadcast at the Washington DC Temple Visitors' Center. We went with a senior missionary couple, Elder and Sister Kinard and a recent convert. The temple is so beautiful this time of year. I am excited to be a sister missionary there this week.

In the Braddock Ward we have a "break the fast" party after every fast Sunday. Yesterday, the food theme was a CEREAL BAR. 


That miracle happened  about 3 minutes after I paid my fast offering. Coincidence? I think not.

Have a great week...

Happy Birthday Moo!