Monday, March 16, 2015

Crazy In A Good Way

Hey Everyone! 

So far, last week was the craziest week of my mission. But, crazy in a good way. I'm going to separate the three main things that happened last week.  


Not gonna lie, planning for her baptism was one of the more stressful things I have done on my mission. However, it was one of the greatest baptisms I have been to. There was a HUGE turnout. Almost 60 people came and the Relief Society Room was overcrowded. My heart was so full. Keilani looked so beautiful in her baptism dress. Unfortunately, Sister Wright and I totally forgot to take a picture of Keilani in her dress. But, we managed to take a picture of her after the baptism. The ward was really involved in the baptism which was such a blessing. 


Last week Virginia had ANOTHER crazy blizzard. GUESS WHAT? We still had to work. Sister Wright and I ended up walking three miles to an appointment because we were not allowed to drive due to the weather. So, there we were, trekking up Telegraph Road and suddenly, a car pulled up next to us. We kinda freaked out until we realized it was an older woman. She seemed harmless, so we went to talk to her. She asked us if we wanted a ride. She felt so badly because we were walking in the snow. Even though we were shocked by her kindness, Sister Wright and I  politely declined her offer. But, being a missionary, I had this prompting to give her a card. I figured she could watch a nice Mormon Message with a cup of hot cocoa while she waits for the storm to pass. Well, two days ago, she called us from the number we gave her. She wanted to know if we reached our destination safely. I answered in the affirmative and told her we would LOVE to come by and share a message with her. 

She said, "Can you come by tonight?"

Uhhhhh, yes we can!!!!!

Long story short, the lesson with Lucinda was one of the most spiritual lessons I have taught on my mission. The spirit was so strong as we read the Book of Mormon with her. She already had a Book of Mormon from years ago when a friend in the Kingstowne Ward gave one to her. WHATTTTT????

She is now a new investigator. Unfortunately, we have to pass her off to the Spanish Ward Missionaries because she is from Columbia and her first language is Spanish. 


As you know, we recently had to turn in our iPads. Last week while we were in the library downloading things off of our old iPads that we do not want to lose, there was this guy sitting next to me who was reading the Bible online. I thought, "Hmm that's cool".............until he started googling, "How do I  find faith in Christ?" 

I started freaking out inside. Do I talk to him? Because,  I CAN ANSWER HIS GOOGLE SEARCH QUESTION!

The librarians hate us at our local library. They are always in fear that we are going to start talking religion to the other library goers. I didn't want to get kicked out of the library. 


I decided that I was just going to give him a card when Sister Wright and I left the library. But then he googled, "What is faith in Christ?" and popped up on his screen. 


I was free to open the door. I immediately told him, "Hey you should check out that website. It's a good one." He turned around and said, "Huh?"

I said, "We're the missionaries from that church!"

He totally lightened up and for the next 45 min, we chatted OUTSIDE of the library. We answered a bunch of his questions. He told us that he had a Book of Mormon at his house and that he would read it! 

We met with him again on Saturday and he read 3 chapters of 1 Nephi and told us that he had this really weird feeling of peace as he read the Book of Mormon and that he wants to read the whole thing. 


We had a great lesson with him and pretty much taught him everything. He is so prepared and really wants to know the truth. He said he has been searching since he was a teenage boy. Sister Wright and I were able to answer all of his hard questions and he understood what we were saying.

Yesterday, Nick came to church! We forgot to mention to him that church is three hours (long) but he stayed the WHOLE TIME and LOVED IT. 

Since Nick is 23 yrs. old, we have to "pass him off" to the Singles' Ward in our area. We are going to have him meet the missionaries in his area this Friday. And the best part is, one of the missionaries is my good friend, Sister Kennedy, who is serving in the Singles' Ward. 

What a great week. Love you!

Sister Kelly

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