Monday, April 27, 2015

Whitney Gets Baptized And Some Memorable Breakthroughs

The One and Only...Whitney

Hey Everyone!

Whitney's baptism was amazing! She got there an hour early so we just hung out with her. Her mom came and seemed to really enjoy it. There were a bunch of people there, which was awesome. Her best friend, Kira and I played a violin duet to "Nearer My God to Thee" which was a special experience for me. President Riggs came and all the missionaries that taught Whitney. Which means, I got to see Sister Wright. I miss that girl so much!

With our mission president, President Riggs.

The Youth that made this glorious day possible. Being a good example is a powerful tool.

Homegirls reunited!!!!!

Breakthrough #1

We had some major breakthroughs with the people that we teach. This has been so amazing. I have been trying hard to concentrate on moving everyone to the "next step" and things are really turning out for some people...which is awesome because these people deserve the happiness that our Heavenly Father wants them to have. 

Breakthrough #2

We watched "His Grace Is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox twice this week with people. That talk makes everything sink in and if you haven't watched it, you should. 

I even did the dirty work for you. So, here you go....

Breakthrough #3

Yesterday (Sunday), we had a Regional Broadcast for the North America North East Region. Sister Reeves, Elder Kacher, Elder Andersen, and Elder Hales all spoke and IT WAS INCREDIBLE. The guy sitting next to me probably thought I was psycho because I was taking notes like a mad woman. But, whatever, it was such an incredible experience. 

Breakthrough #4

I got proposed to by a 4-year-old boy named John. He came up to me when we had dinner at his house and said, "Hey I like you, you're gonna be my wife."

Then he continued to call me his wife during dinner and whispered to his mom, "MOM! THAT'S MY WIFE!"

Apparently he's going through an "older woman" phase ;)

Star Crossed Lovers:  John and Sister Kelly

I really love being a missionary! This transfer is going by quickly. The gospel is true and transforming. Everyone deserves to be exposed to it!


Sister Kelly

Mrs. Baxter aka my 4th grandma (Sister Rothermel is my 3rd) and me. We now read the Book of Mormon with her and she gave me a White House ornament in return. 

A 10 yr. old girl in our ward drew this! #childprodigy

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