Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Snapped Windshield Wiper, Ramadan and Fireworks At the Pentagon

Fireworks at the Pentagon

Hey Everyone!

So much craziness this week.

....let's start with the scary part first.

Sister Corey and I were casually driving on I-395 to teach a lesson, when all of a sudden it started to POUR DOWN RAIN. Like a safe driver, I turned on my windshield wipers and then the unthinkable happened....the windshield wiper on the driver's side SNAPPED. It literally snapped right as the rain started to get heavier. I couldn't see anything and we still had 5 miles to go on the freeway! So, we said a bunch of prayers and there were obviously angels involved, since we got to the lesson in one piece despite not being able to see for 15 min. It was really scary but I totally remained calm and so did Sister Corey. She was such a champ. 

On another night, a lot of things (appointments) fell through and then, we got lost and THEN we got all these mixed promptings as to where to go and who to see.  So at the end of the night, we found ourselves at this apartment complex. I was disappointed and felt kinda numb towards my surroundings...a feeling I totally hate. But then, these three ladies walked out of the apartment and I started talking to them. We ended up showing them "Because He Lives" and they loved it and I loved that they loved it! It was a sweet tender mercy. Then at the same complex, we ran into a former investigator who wants to take the lessons again. Such a blessing! 

Our new mission, PRESIDENT HUNTSMAN is in town! He is really different from President Riggs, but I love him! When we met him for the first time, I had this overwhelming feeling that he is going to be great. We had interviews with him today and that feeling was confirmed even more. I'm really excited for this. 

Fourth of July was amazing! We saw the fireworks at the Pentagon. I felt so patriotic! It was really awesome that everyone around us was speaking in different languages and there were so many different cultures. The fireworks were awesome. It rained all day so with a mix of the smoke from the fireworks and the humidity, we almost sweat ourselves to death. 

We went to a Ramadan party on Sunday. We had a "break the fast" party with some Ward members and their Muslim friends. It was our fast Sunday and their month of fasting,  because of Ramadan. It was really great! 

I've started to do "Lights Out" with my amazing trainee/companion, Sister Cory. Lights Out is what our family does every Sunday night...we pretty much gather around with all the lights off and share our favorite thing about church that day. Sooo, Sister Corey and I went really in depth and didn't go to bed until late (oops). But, it was worth it.

A lot of other crazy things happened but AHHHH I never have enough time to write or remember everything! 


Sister Kelly 

Mother and daughter. Wearing matching scarves.
Introducing my trainee, Sister Cory.
Fireworks at the Pentagon. 

This is what happens when someone steals your umbrella. 

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