Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sister Kelly's Missionary Birthday #memorable

Sister Kelly's 20th birthday with Katy and Lucy Banks.
June 1, 2015

Dear Family and Friends:

How can I ever thank Katy Banks and family enough for taking Elizabeth out to dinner at the famed, Cafe Rio, on her birthday? And the cake and the roses and the memories and your entire family waiting for Sister Kelly and her companion as they battled through the DC traffic? This was a birthday to remember for all.   

Katy texted me today and shared that she loved having it just be the four girls:  Katy, Lucy, Sister Kelly and Sister Tescher.  Say, "YES," to the GIRL TALK.

Katy also shared that an investigator treated Sister Kelly and companion to a "Georgetown Cupcake" and lunch at his food truck." One more reason this birthday will be one to remember.

So it is only fitting...Elizabeth saw Katy on her birthday, in December. And, Katy saw Elizabeth on hers, in June. 

I love you, Banks Family...

Thank you for making turning 20 as a missionary be so amazing. 

xoxo  Marya

December 22, 2014 - Katy's Birthday
June 1, 2015 - Elizabeth's Birthday

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