Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Learning Complete Trust In the Lord

Hey Everyone!

This week was less of blur. However, Sister Tescher and I were still pretty tired and sick. There were definitely a lot of moments where going out and working was the LAST thing we wanted to do. But the interesting thing was that in those moments where we didn't want to go out, but did anyway, the Lord granted us the biggest miracles. 

We had so many blessings this week. I'm sure every missionary says that EVERY week so allow me to join that bandwagon for a moment. I have to say I was kinda discouraged this week. Our investigators aren't texting us back, I was SO out of it (Sister Tescher has some pretty great stories), and our appointments with really awesome people kept falling through. I was totally running on empty. But I realized that sometimes it's ok to be running on empty because sincere prayers really come out of it as well as complete trust in the Lord. 

We also have Facebook back but there are a lot more restrictions so it will be different. We are also getting a new mission president in three weeks which is crazy...and sad! We are all going to miss President Riggs so much!  

Xoxo to everyone! 

Fingers crossed that Brendah (from Uganda) is still on Facebook... 

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