Monday, June 29, 2015

Change Is Constant

Hugging my Grandma Kay.
Saying goodbye in front of the
MTC, almost one year ago (!) on July 9, 2014.
Changes were awaiting.  


So many changes...

As of tomorrow, (Tuesday, June 30 2015) our mission president, President Riggs leaves us.  A mission president serves for three years. His time is up. Not gonna hide the fact that I cried like a baby when he left. ELDERS even cried. Actually some Elders cried even harder than me. President Riggs is incredible and changed my life in so many ways. He taught me to be forgiving and spiritually self-reliant - two things that I will always try to achieve. He also taught me to serve others and never expect service in return. Also, I learned from him, the importance of making the scriptures a part of my life. I could go on for days about all the things he taught me. 

This past Thursday, we all said goodbye to President Riggs at a mission-wide conference. I was able to see all of my former companions. It was so great. I deeply love them and cannot wait to see them after the mission. Sad at the fact that some of them are going home in a few months. I looked around the chapel during the mission conference and felt an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for all the friendships I have made here. Already excited for mission reunions. Our new mission president, David Huntsman arrives tomorrow. He's going to be awesome and I'm excited for the future changes that will happen here. If there's one thing I've learned about life, it's that CHANGE IS CONSTANT. We eventually need to learn to ride with it.

Most importantly, on Thursday, I received a new companion. Her name is Sister Corey. She is fresh out of the MTC (I am training her) and she is ready to run. Sister Corey is a rockstar. I am so grateful to be her companion. She's almost 25 yrs. old and has an interior design degree. We get along really well and I'm excited to watch her grow and learn as a missionary. 

In short, I love the ward I am serving in and I love being in the Washington DC South Mission.  

Some typical occurances that happened this week: 

- averaging 5 hours of sleep a night
- getting caught in 2 major rainstorms and almost ruining my iPad
- getting lost in Crystal City
- ALMOST getting into a major car accident but luckily our "car angels" were on guard and helped us out :) 
- chilling with a group from Ethiopia
- catching wifi at McDonalds
- dreaming of Taco Bell but realizing that I'm too broke for Taco Bell
- driving through Old Town (Alexandria) and reminding myself that the world is beautiful 
- watching "He Is The Gift" because I'm obviously preparing for "Christmas In July"

Have a great week and Happy 4th of July

Sister Kelly

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