Monday, October 5, 2015

Bronchitis, Hurricane Joaquin and General Conference - My Week As A Missionary

Hey Everyone!

I don't think I have ever been so sick in my life!

At one point I was coughing up pretty much every color of the rainbow. Gross, right? 



Yep...Sister Waldron spent her 21st birthday in her pajamas...coughing and sleeping...and coughing...and eating popsicles...and feeling miserable. It was at the end of the month and we had no money left on our card so I found random cash in my purse and ordered a pizza because that is all she wanted despite her sore throat. So there we were...2 missionaries...2 pizzas...and 2 tired to function. 

We found out we had BRONCHITIS. Holla for the Braddock Bronchitis Babes...chillin' in our Bronchitis Burrow! We were SO sick. It was honestly depressing. At one point, I said: "That's it! We're going outside and doing SOMETHING." And looking like death...we went  to the church to watch...wait for it...Mormon Messages. 

Yeah our lives are pretty spectacular. CHURCH TRIP WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Do you even know how pathetic we looked to the Elders? So pathetic.

I looked like I was on drugs...actually because I was on drugs. #amoxicillin4ever

I would like to raise a toast to the Sister Training Leaders who gave Sister Waldron ice cream and both of us DoTerra Oil (that Lime stuff is pretty great) and our amazing Bishop who gave us:  fresh apples, a humidifier, and a very generous gift card to the local grocery store. 

Which leads us to our next adventure.....HURRICANE JOAQUIN. 

We didn't even know there was a hurricane until we got a text from one of our investigators. Then the APs told us to go to the grocery store to prepare for a power outage. So, Sister Waldron and I dragged ourselves to the store with the Bishop's gift card to prepare for this "dangerous" hurricane. We were so delusional that we bought all this food that needs to be cooked with an oven and refrigerated. Hurricane Joaquin:1  Braddock Bronchitis Babes:0

But it turns out that Hurricane Joaquin didn't even hit Virginia (I think).  So, really, Hurricane Joaquin lost and WE WON. 

But enough about our struggles...LET'S TALK ABOUT CONFERENCE.

General Conference was this weekend and it was so incredible. 

We watched it with Veronica (who is planning on being baptized on October 17) in her dorm room. We actually took a video of our reaction when the new apostles got called. It was epic. I have still pictures below from the video. 

I really needed conference, for a lot of reasons. Missions are hard. These past couple of months, at times, I have found myself at a breaking point. I feel like the words of our inspired leaders really mended me. Conference is such healing balm I tell you! Conference and amoxicillin...what more could you want? 

I love our Prophet and I love our apostles. I love the women leaders of our church. 

After 2 incredibly discouraging weeks...I felt so uplifted. 

I took about 24 pages of notes (yeah kind of excessive). So, to summarize everything....I would like to remind everyone that God will take us whatever condition we are in and it doesn't matter what we have done. He will take us as we are and work with us to help us become the people we were always intended to be. I needed to be reminded of that. Sometimes I feel like I am impossible to work with, that I have failed too often and continue to fall short. But, in our Heavenly Father's eyes, it doesn't matter. 

I also really want to take the sacrament more seriously. I learned a lot about the sacrament and what it means and how I can make that time more meaningful. 

I loved being reminded of how the spirit can speak to us specifically and how we all go through trials and tests of our faith...but through Christ, everything will work out. It really will. 

I loved being reminded of how much I matter as a daughter, sister, friend, companion, and a faithful woman in this church. 

Okay, before I just go on a major roll on everything I loved and learned and cried about, 
you can just witness first hand at what I am talking about at:

This week was a crazy one. But we made it. 

I love this gospel and I love my mission. I really do. 

But I don't love Bronchitis. Or Hurricane Joaquin.


Sister Kelly

Sister Waldron and I watched General Conference in Veronica's dorm room.
Here are still photos from the video we took of us when they announced the new apostles.
We all held hands as they started to announce the apostles.
Poor Veronica, she thought we were at a Super Bowl Party or something. 

The tension started to rise.

We're getting closer!

Yay for Elder Rasband, Stevensen and Renlund! We already love you!

Other General Conference reactions.

And more reactions.

This Instagram photo was sent to Sister Kelly thanks to a senior missionary .

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