Monday, June 22, 2015

Another Costco Connection and Other Mid-Summer Miracles

Met up with Grumpy Cat

Hey Everyone!

Sister Tescher is the best companion ever. She drove 20 min so I could go to this place where you can pet puppies and kittens for free. We just got back. This is what we do in NOVA (aka Northern Virginia). I promise we're cool...and that we have lives...and that we have friends. Furry friends?

Yesterday, (Sunday) so many of the people that we are currently teaching, came to church! Our ward members did such a great job of welcoming them:) It was amazing! We also found so many people to teach this week which was a total blessing. We worked hard and met some wonderful people. Recently, we have met so many great people in the ward and on the streets of Arlington and Alexandria. 

Some of my favorite encounters have been:

A couple people that have been featured in the "I'm a Mormon" videos.

A Professor of Geology who took a submarine to the bottom of the ocean floor off the coast of Japan.

Administrators for C-SPAN.

Numerous people that work closely with Senators, Congressmen, and Obama. 

Former Taco Bell managers (my personal favorites).

Former Walmart managers.

Ex-Marine Core "Doctor Who" fanatics.

Also, we had another Costco Miracle...get ready.

We had a prompting to go to Costco for lunch (my fave kind of prompting). And, as we tried to find a picnic table in the food court, this big tough guy with loads of tattoos and bulky rings motioned for us to sit by him. Since he was obviously a Costco Member (probably an Executive Member), we felt totally comfortable sitting by him. Turns out his wife is a less-active member in our church. Their family just moved to NOVA and has been searching for the missionaries for the past few months. He isn't a member but said that out of all the religions, our church has never told him that he's going to Hell for not being baptized into their church. He even said that he loves the missionaries and wants us to teach his family again. We have an appointment to teach them this week and we are so excited!

President Riggs, our current mission president,  leaves in 8 days and I am so very sad about that. 


Love you all,

Sister Kelly

The couple in the middle are recent converts. All of us missionaries pictured here either taught them before or after they were baptized. They are some of my favorite people. Pictured to the far right is President and Sister Riggs. 

Candid and Classy
Benny the Jet - a beagle


Casual funnel cloud

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