Monday, April 6, 2015

Finding Joy In All

Private...Senators Only
Hello Everybody - 

Last Monday we went to D.C and got a private tour of the capitol with a ward member who interns there.  I love D.C. so much especially because Sister Wright and I found....wait for it...A JAMBA JUICE! 

Me about to cry because you know...Jamba Juice!

Just me and Brigham Young, catching up.

The foundation of the Capitol Building

The place were we received our "official business visitor" pass. 

Also, THE SONNTAGS SURPRISED ME AGAIN!!! I love that family so much and it was so good to see them again. Oakton memories still hold such a big place in my heart. 

So much love for this family right here

We have a new "roommate."

A mouse. 

Our apartment has been invaded by MICE! Well, we think it's just one mouse, but who knows--our new roommate probably invited friends. Sister Wright and I discovered the mouse last night and we were terrified. We called our District Leader and he totally laughed at us because we told him "We are in a life or death situation." It then hit us that missionaries in third-world countries deal with much worse on a DAILY basis so we calmed down a bit. But we still bought 4 mouse traps. HELP!

Sister Wright and I hid in our bedroom all last night and this morning because of the mouse.
"I HATE that mouse," said my brother Adam at Chuck E. Cheese 12 yrs. ago.
The other day I had a really strong prompting to go visit a girl we teach who is less-active. She's so awesome and we love teaching her but we can NEVER catch her. Between her job and being a full time student, she's a busy gal. Well anyway, I told Sister Wright that we should stop by even though we knew she had to go to work. Sister Wright said, "Let's go now!" and off we went. 

Well, we went over and she was miraculously home. We were over there for about two hours catching up, laughing about celebrities, discussing the tragedy of ZAYN LEAVING ONE DIRECTION, and of course watching the video "Because He Lives." It was a great missionary experience. I am so glad we followed the prompting to see her. Such a great reminder that the Lord knows who is home and He will tell us if we are ready to listen.

General Conference was so great. Nick (from the library) came with the Colonial 1st Ward sister missionaries to watch Conference at the Stake Center. Sister Wright and I were able to see him. It made us so happy that he was there to see Conference. A lot of people we teach texted us and shared that they watched AND enjoyed Conference. Such a huge blessing. One of our investigators told us they wish Conference was everyday. Amen, sister!

Easter was great and we had a fabulous Easter roast with some members. It's getting so warm here. I am not used to 70 degree weather in April!.

Have a great week...


Sister Kelly

Glamour Shot with the Target Dog. The only dog I like in Virginia.

Funny bumper sticker I saw the other day. 

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