Monday, October 6, 2014

A Seeker of Truth Behind the Wheel

Hello Everyone!

My trip last week into Washington DC was incredible! We went to the National Art Gallery and I fell in love and did NOT want to leave. I found a book in the gift shop that featured portraits of cats reinacting scenes of Shakespeare plays. I died of laughter.

We have been working a lot with "B" and he is making progress! We also have a family from Nepal on date for baptism! 

I have news. We recently had a district meeting with our mission president, President Riggs. A district meeting is when the missionaries in our area (Elders and Sisters) have a mini-conference with the mission president to discuss how to be a more effective missionary. President Riggs pretty much put a kibosh on tracting. This is when you go door-to-door, looking for people to teach. I took this news well, even though (plot twist), I love tracting. To me, it's fun to see the reaction of people, who are so used to yelling at our elders, open the door and see two sister missionaries. So in a way, I am going to miss tracting. But I understand the reasoning behind the "kibosh on tracting."

But anyway, member lessons are a "go." It has been so great teaching members the missionary lessons. Having a knowledge of how to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ builds their faith and helps them feel comfortable to share their beliefs with the people they love who do not believe in the Savior or have a strong relationship with Him. Our members are SO fantastic. Some members in our ward (and there are many) have been such an example to me. They help me become the person I want to be. At 19 years of age, I am still trying to figure out my life. Trying to help others figure their lives out while I am trying to figure out mine, has actually been a blessing in disguise! Getting lost in serving others is the gift that keeps on giving.  

This past Friday, we had a five hour Driver's Education Seminar for Missionaries. I almost lost it when I found out I was going to be driving for five hours. I grew up in a walkable community in urban Milwaukee. Never needed to drive (only to church and seminary). Not interested in driving. No, not me. Another reason I was sent to this mission. I needed to develop the "drive to drive." I needed to stretch. I must be the driver I know I can be!   

It turns out, I had so much fun at the Five-Hour-Driver's Ed. Why? The seminar was conducted by the senior missionary couples! (Spouses who are retired who come and serve a "couple's mission") I love them and have such a renewed appreciation for their devotion and service to us  youthful missionaries. I discovered some interesting facts about being a senior missionary:  they do not have the rules we younger missionaries do, they are encouraged to take naps (very jealous) and they use their personal phones in order to keep in contact with their family members and friends. Sign me up when I am a senior citizen! In short, the senior missionary couples are awesome, kind, humble and hilarious.  

We had a blast testing our ABS (anti-braking system) and learning to parallel park, etc. I did such a horrible job parallel parking that one of the senior missionaries, Elder Collins, whipped out his phone and started taking footage of the drama surrounding my parking skills. Humbling. You know the struggle is real when you see an 80-year-old senior missionary, whip out his iPhone to tease you. It all worked out. End result? I LOVE DRIVING. 

Every six months (in October and April), our church, world-wide, listens to our church leaders deliver messages from the Conference Center in Salt Lake City. This past weekend was General Conference and as always, it was really powerful. The Saturday Afternoon Session was my favorite. I was grateful to be able to hear the words of our beloved prophet, his apostles, as well as many other leaders of the church. Elder Dallin H. Oaks' granddaughter is in our ward. She told us last week about the church leaders being able to deliver their speech in their native language. I loved watching and listening to those whose first language is not English, deliver their testimony in either Chinese, Portuguese or Spanish.  

What I love most about General Conference is that every time, without even planning it, the speakers always have a consistent theme in their talks. Finding a theme can often be a personal preference. This is because your thoughts, concerns and inquiries are personal and you can gain a lot of comfort and answers from listening to General Conference. I loved hearing from different speakers about being a SEEKER OF TRUTH. Also, if you have any questions regarding ANYTHING, take it up with God FIRST. This speaks for everyone. Trust me. I know He hears and answers your prayers and my prayers. He always has things figured out for you. And what I have come to realize and cherish is that there are multiple different pathways you can take in life and they will be the right ones. God has a thousand different back-up plans for you so as long as you continue to press forward, keep the commandments, and use wise judgement. We do not need to fear about our lives! That's something I definitely need to remember always.

I love you all. Thank you so much for the support!

xoxo Sister Kelly  

One of my bests ever, Pauline, from my ESL Class

Five hours Behind the Wheel, never felt so good for this city girl.

Called to serve and loving it. 
I could live here...

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