Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Makin' Lemonade Out of Lemons #2weeksofMTC

Celebrating two weeks in the MTC with my girls

 With Elder Okazaki, one of my BYU favorites.  Can't believe we were in the MTC together!
 All of us heading to the Washington DC South Mission.  The fun is just beginning. 
 This photo is for my dad.  I am the first Sister Kelly on his side of the family.  

 Here is where I spent everyday all day, with these elders in this classroom with one window and...

 This Elder is one of my favorites.  He reminds me of my brother, Adam.

 Running into another BYU homie, Elder Erickson
My district

 We are the Army of Helaman.  Thanks to all of our moms.  


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