Monday, October 13, 2014

Stretching Has a Purpose

DearFamily and Friends:


When I think of myself as a real, grown-up missionary, the first thing that comes to mind is...NO MORE STUDYING FOR THREE HOURS A DAY. This does not mean that I know everything. My learning curve is still high. The "training" portion of my time as a missionary is in my rearview mirror.  

As of last Thursday, October 9th, I have a new companion. Her name is Sister Rossi. She is such a blessing. We work so well together and I am grateful to call her friend and companion. I am now what you call a "leader" in my area of Oakton, VA. This is exciting and I am up for the challenges and good times. 

Here are some things I learned these past six weeks:

Sister Rossi and Sister Kelly
We will be a stretching success.

- You cannot "hijack" other people's trials. 
- You can never be too compassionate.
- Sticky notes are a language of love.
- Subaru's drive very nicely.
- I cannot parallel park; but, this city girl is learning.
- Shutting down and not moving when a vicious dog with a frothing mouth (!!!!!!) encounters you does not help. THEY CAN SENSE FEAR. 
- Laughing at insults has better mileage than crying at insults.
- Target is better than Walmart.
- Costco Deprivation is a real disease.
- Brother Noel (our ward mission leader) is actually an angel.
- Oakton Ward is too perfect to be real. 
- Your mistakes have already been paid for through the amazing grace of Jesus Christ.
- Heavenly Father hears all our prayers...doesn't matter who you are. He hears ALL of us.
-You come on your mission to learn. To grow. To STRETCH. 
-You came on this Earth to learn. To grow. To STRETCH. 
-ALL of us are here ON EARTH on PURPOSE.  
-People learn and grow in all different levels in their own way.  

But bottom line, we were sent here for a reason. 

When life get's hard, please know that it is because there is something your loving Heavenly Father wants you to learn. I have definitely had to learn that the hard way. 

Also know that stretching is part of our earthly experience. I have learned to laugh at the fact that stretching is painful sometimes...but if we did not stretch, how would we become better?
"The Easy Way Out Fairy" does not exist.

We must work hard, endure to the end, and TRUST in our God! God loves us no matter what we have done. We, as human beings, cannot comprehend how much HE loves us. But I tell you that He does. I will admit that often I do not feel I deserve so much love from God. But this is not true. Homeless crack addict? He loves you. The Candy Bomber? He loves you. (See the awesome movie "Meet The Mormons" to understand that reference.) So take advantage of this love and live your life in joy and peace. It's never too late to change or transform into the person you want to become and who God wants you to become. He loves me. He loves you.  

Thank you for your support and prayers <3

xxoo to all!

Sister Kelly 

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