Thursday, October 23, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Dear Family and Friends:

For recording purposes only, Meredith and I decided to do a "Throw Back Thursday" photo montage of some memories we have of Sister Elizabeth Kelly before her mission. Enjoy. 

With my Grandma Kay reading my mission call at my
Mission Call Opening Party.
With Meredith right before being set apart as a missionary.
These are the ones I love the most.

My first best friend ever. Saying goodbye at the Milwaukee Airport.
Matt looks like he doesn't want me to leave for 18 mos.
My Grandma Kay took this photo of me when I arrived at the SLC Airport.
She doesn't remember seeing Poppa there. We all agree that this is Poppa's first "photo bomb" on my/our mission.

Grandma Kay and Sister Kelly.
Minutes before entering the MTC.
Grandma Kay holding it together at the famed
"MTC Drop-off." 

The final wave.
Walking in. My hostess, a missionary in the MTC, 
the one in the green skirt, recognized my Grandma Kay.
Why? My Grandma Kay works in the Provo Temple. 

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