Thursday, October 23, 2014

Reflections of a Missionary Three Months Out

Dear Friends and Family:

Sister Kelly sent us next to nothing for her usual Monday blog post. She did send us a photo of a Virginia sunset. Hopefully, the photo will inspire you to be just a little bit better this week. Remember, a picture is worth 1,000 words.

Inspirational Virginia Sunset

Actually, I love that she sent us hardly anything to post. To us as her parents, this only means that Sister Kelly is focusing on the task at hand...being a missionary. 

What I (her mom) picked out from her email to us is that she is loving her new companion, Sister Rossi. They are having so much fun teaching members in their ward the missionary lessons. I, personally, loved doing this on my mission in Spain. Craig, Elizabeth's dad, who served his mission in Haiti, reflected that he taught (or re-taught!) the members the missionary lessons as well. When Craig and I receive the weekly emails Elizabeth only sends to us, we reflect on our own missions and how inspiring it was being around the members. Sister Kelly loves the members in her Oakton Ward! So, even though it is on Mondays when we receive her weekly emails, Craig and I have our own, "Throwback Thursday," each and every Monday. 

     Monday emails from Sister Kelly + Craig and Marya's reflections of their missions
                                                        Throwback Thursday

I gathered from her personal email to us that she loves personal scripture study in the morning. She shared that it seems strange that she is meeting all of these wonderful people that have made such a huge difference in her life and we (her family) do not even know who they are. She said, "There are so many stories. I love these people out here so much. I will just have to wait to tell you everything when I get home." My favorite memory of Christmas 2013 was on Christmas Day. Sister Kelly sat on our bed, with her laptop and told us ALL about her BYU friends and the stories. All good ones! We can't wait for the post-mission-wrap-up from our girl. 

Enclosed are photos Craig and I received from some families in Sister Kelly's ward. You can tell by her smile that she loves being a missionary.

Making new friends. 

Making more new friends <3.
Using Admiral for an object lesson. 
Sisterhood and Eternal Friendship


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