Monday, September 29, 2014

My Life in the "Present Lane"

Hello Everyone!

I am off to DC in a matter of hours! I am so excited...the excitement is real. We get to go to DC and see the sights, once a transfer (or every six weeks). We couldn't go last transfer so, this is my first official time touring our nation's capitol. 

This week was incredible!!!

I do not really remember what happened in the beginning of the week, (#missionarybrain) but as far as the rest of the week was concerned, it was memorable and amazing.

We had a Missionary Conference with just the sister missionaries who are currently serving in the Washington DC South Mission. We listened to our mission president and other speakers. This was my first Missionary Conference and I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical. I thought it was going to be a one of those sessions full of tears and fake compliments. It was not like that at all. 

The theme of the conference was, "Live in the Present." Don't dwell on the past and don't hyper-focus on the future. It dawned on me that I rarely spend time in the "Present Lane," of life. I realized that I am so focused on the next step of my life and idealizing it, that when the future comes, it's nothing like how I expected it to be. Then I dwell on the glory days...

In short, I am Uncle Rico in "Napoleon Dynamite." 

However, I am committing to change. Since the Missionary Conference, I made a goal to accept and notice the beauty of taking things day by day. I cannot control tomorrow OR yesterday. Deep down, I thought that I could! But what does dwelling on the past do for me? NOTHING. What does only focusing on my future life...which to be probably not going turn out like how I envision it...going do for me? NOTHING. Now keep in mind, learning from your past mistakes and creating future goals are very crucial and important. But focusing on today and living in the moment is very crucial and so benefical!
Another (extremely) important thing I learned while at the Missionary Conference was how to make a meal out of a Crock Pot. Such an accomplishment.

At the conference I was finally able to meet Sister Kennedy. We passed like ships in the night at BYU last year. She knew my friends and I knew her friends, but we did not know each other. I met so many wonderful, beautiful and hilarious sister missionaries. I loved every minute of the conference and I learned so much.  
Also, can we take a moment and talk about how AMAZING General Women's Conference was, on Saturday night (9/27)? I got so choked up when I found out that Sister Neill "Nana" Marriott was speaking! It made me think of my Mitchell's and how I love them! Everything she spoke about was incredible and was what I really needed to hear. I will carry her words in my heart, always. Everyone around me that evening loved Sister Marriott's talk. I feel so special to know her and her amazing children and GRANDCHILDREN. 

Me and my very best friends, the Mitchells...

Missionary Update:
***Shangita and Dee came to church.
***We officially have a family from Nepal on date for baptism. 
***And, we are meeting with "B" on Wednesday

Awkward Moment of the Week:
***Chasing after someone who I thought was an investigator named wasn't.  Instead, it was Neil's roomate (or evil twin),  named "Vinand."

Thank you for your support, love, and prayers! I feel it all!

Sister Kelly

Living in the Present Lane while Singing in the Rain.

Finally, Sister Kennedy! 

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