Monday, October 27, 2014

Many Treats This Halloween

Hello Everyone-

I hope everyone is doing well. All I have to say is, Go Giants!!! I am getting up dates here and there. So excited. 

Since I already suffer in the journal department in terms of "lengthy entries" here are some bulleted updates or "Treats" since it is Halloween-time. 

Treat #1 - As you know, as a missionary, you are assigned a companion. Mine is Sister Rossi. Our mission president assigned me to be the designated driver. Yes. I drive. Everyday. Sometimes on the freeway. I know. I'm still in shock too. Sister Rossi has worked wonders with me and is very patient. The learning curve is high and I am enjoying the challenge.

Treat #2 - This past weekend, our ward hosted their annual Trunk or Treat. Sister Rossi and I did not have any candy to pass out so we got creative. We passed out cards....suprsingly the children took it well. The best part of all is that whenever we have a ward activity we invite the neighboring churches. Members from the near-by Presbyterian and Methodist congregations joined us.  We had about 250 people attend our Trunk or Treat Activity. It was fantastic.  

Treat #3 - Ruby, our sweet 14-year-old investigator from Nepal, went to the Halloween Stake Dance on Saturday night.  She had a blast! One of the reasons it was so wonderful for Ruby is that two girls from our ward went with her and it was so much fun. Another example of how amazing and supportive the Oakton Ward members are. 

Sending the girls off to the dance. Ruby is on my left. 

Treat #4 - We had a great turnout with our Less Actives and Recent Converts at church yesterday! It was so great to see them!

Treat #5 - And then there is, Sister Childs. She recently returned from the New Mexico, Farmington Mission. Her family is in our ward. She mostly served on the Navajo Reservations. She is such an example to me and Sister Rossi. We can't wait to work together. We have so much to learn from her.    

Treat #6 - Yesterday in church Sister Rossi and I taught the Young Women, ages 16-18, about missionary work. Preparing for the lesson gave me a chance to reflect on my experiences as a missionary. I shared with the girls that before I came on a mission I had this "idea" of what it was going to be like. Now that I have been out for almost four months, it is nothing like what I thought it would be. I shared, with conviction that I know that Heavenly Father knows me and takes care of me. I have learned so much about life and myself. I am grateful to be a missionary. I don't know where I would I be or who I would be if I hadn't decided to serve. I am so grateful that both my parents served and that I have that example in my life.

Love to All,

Sister Kelly 

We love being missionaries.

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