Monday, December 15, 2014

We Wait Until Wednesday

Dear Family and Friends - 

We received word that Elizabeth will have her Preparation Day this Wednesday...and not the regular day, Monday. So we will wait until Wednesday for news in "her words." We do have some information of her goings ons this week:  she played the violin. (Yet again, proof the violin is not collecting dust.) She performed at the Mission-wide Christmas Conference and the Oakton Ward's Annual Christmas Party. It has been a tender experience for our family to have a missionary during the Christmas Season. Having a child be out in the mission field preaching of Christ and His love has made our hearts more joyous than ever as we celebrate His birth. 

Elizabeth's friend, Karenna (Hermana Meredith) emailed this photo to me today. I love it. It's pure joy sharing the message of Christ at Christmastime. 

The stuff dreams are made of...

This past Saturday, we took our family Christmas photo sans Sister Kelly. We managed. It was a foggy day and we had to change venues. We ended up alongside the Milwaukee River, right smack in front of the Milwaukee Rowing Club's Boathouse. We promised Matt we would not mention the fact that he rows crew or that we were near the boathouse in our Christmas card. We kept our promise. I'm not mentioning the venue in the Christmas card. I am mentioning it in Elizabeth's blog. Side note: We call the Milwaukee River, "Matt's River." We say that when he is not in the car. So, for recording purposes only, here is the "fun" we were trying to have without our Elizabeth. We were sad she wasn't with us for the photo, but so, so grateful she is happy. 'Cause that makes us happy. 

Capturing words of advice from Dad...along Matt's River.

Always good times to be had along the Milwaukee River...ha!

See you on Wednesday,


Marya, Craig and Family

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