Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I Need Thee Every Hour

Dear Family and Friends:

It was a Wednesday of adventures that is for sure. Sister Rossi and I decided to switch things up and we went to the Washington, DC Temple today and then we went to Old Town Alexandria. 

It was a good week but there were some hard times. Sister Rossi and I had some tender moments with some families in our ward that have been hit with some challenges. One evening, while we were with a family, I was able to play my violin. I played, "I Need Thee Every Hour," and "Lead Kindly Light." It was a sweet experience. Hymns mean more to me everyday. Hymns ease the pain when there are hardships. This I know. 

Coincidentally, we have been meeting some people who happen to be friends with members in our ward. This past week, while visiting some people with our ward mission leader, we met a couple who recently lived in Utah and they went to the University of Florida. Go Gators! I know all about Gainesville, FL. I lived there and I am a huge Gator Fan. I love making these connections. We invited them to the Washington, DC Temple Visitor Center's Christmas Light Festival. Who would want to miss that!? So grateful the Visitor Center and the Temple are so close.

What a beautiful sight.

Then today in Old Town Alexandria, Sister Rossi and I met an attorney from Norway. We talked and talked to him then we invited him to the Christmas Light Festival. We are excited that even though it was our Preparation Day, we were planting seeds along the way in Old Town Alexandria. The most of me is Icelandic and Sister Rossi is very Norwegian. We have this "Roots," thing on lock.

My mom wanted me to describe my mission thus far with 3 likes and 3 dislikes. Here goes...

Likes - 

1.  Driving slowly through beautiful neighborhoods in Virginia to see if we can get a glimpse of people's Christmas Trees.
2.  Getting stories from my DC friends who know: Mitt Romney, Ronald Reagan, George Bush and George W., Obama and George Clooney. 
3. The love that I'm surrounded by each day from my family, friends, Virginia family and most importantly, our loving and understanding Heavenly Father and his Son, Jesus Christ.

Dislikes - 

1. Having a Costco only seven miles away and not being able to go because it is not in my designated area. All I want for Christmas is a Combo Pizza.
2. People giving Sister Rossi and I the wrong address ON PURPOSE. Shout out to "Reese" (if that is even your real name) who made us go on a two hour scavenger hunt to try to find "her house" that didn't even exist. THANKS GIRL.
3. When people think I'm foreign because I come from a mysterious place called...MILWAUKEE. Knocking my hometown hurts. Words hurt.   
To wrap it up, I am having an incredible experience studying the Savior in the New Testament during this Christmas Season. It is a scripture reading experience I will never forget.

Merry Christmas Everyone! 


Sister Kelly 

Photo taken at the end of the day...we still have our smiles.

A Great Day in Old Town Alexandria

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