Monday, December 22, 2014

Who Would Have Thought?

Merry Christmas To My Family and Friends:

As I look back at the last two weeks, I am so grateful my mission is interesting every single day. This week I would like to dedicate my blog to "the many wonders of it all." 

First off - Who would have thought I would be serving my mission near Old Town Alexandria, VA where my mom and dad met...

Just look at those cobblestoned streets.
A Walgreens to the right and a Lulu Lemon to the left...not bad.

Second - Who would have thought I would have so much fun decorating a Christmas Tree? Here I am with Pastor Dawn Singleton in her home making another memory. 

Decorating the Christmas tree at Pastor Dawn Singleton's home.  
Meowy Christmas
Third - Who would have thought I would have such an amazing experience teaching Haksong the gospel. He leaves for Korea on December 28th. A Korean family, the Moons, in the neighboring ward helped Sister Rossi and I a lot while we were teaching Haksong the lessons. Brother Moon confirmed Haksong the next day at church (yesterday) and he said the first part of the prayer/confirmation in English and then finished the prayer in Korean. I had never seen that done before and it was such a spiritual experience. 

Haksong's baptism.

All of the Oakton Ward Missionaries and Haksong.

Photo taken by Brother Noel - our ward mission leader.
Celebrating a really good week with some Sparkling Apple Cider.

Fourth - Who would have thought I would want to be in Activity Days again so that I could hang with these girls? I love them.  

These young ladies are quality!
Fifth - Who would have thought I would finally meet Katy (Calhoun) Banks! She is one of my mom's bestest friends ever in the whole wide world. Since I am a "Facebook" missionary and she lives in my mission, I found out today via Facebook that today is her birthday! I wished her happy birthday and told her that Sister Rossi and I were off to the Tyson's Corner Shopping Center. Thanks to email and Katy's knowledge of Tyson's Corner (shout out to her years at Nordstrom) we met at 1:30 pm at "The Shake Shack." I have heard about Katy my whole entire life and I have always wanted to meet her. She is everything I always thought she would be and more. Beautiful, funny and...I could go on and on. Thank you for making the effort Katy...oops! Sister Banks.

Finally, Katy Banks. A Christmas Miracle we met up!
We own this shopping center...we put a new spin on "Mall Rats." 
Sixth - Who would have thought I would have a 40 minutes only Skype conversation with my family on Christmas Day? I will let you know next week how it goes. 

Love to everyone,

Sister Kelly kind of people. I took this photo for my siblings. 

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