Monday, December 8, 2014

I May Be Down...But By No Means Am I Out

Hey Everyone!

This week has been quite the roller coaster. First off, I have came down with this monster of a virus and have had to sloooow things down this week. So, not much happened other than me blowing my nose and eating my weight in popsicles. Three cheers for Sister Rossi for having the best bedside manner ever. 


I don't remember much. My memory has seriously taken a toll this week...probably because I coughed it out.

- We had a training session this week with our Mission President. President Riggs conducted an in-depth discussion on charity. Basically, we were taught how to love EVERYONE! Even if they hate you! Even of they take advantage of you! Even if they don't deserve the benefit of the doubt! This was a hard one to hear since I seriously need to work on loving everyone regardless of how they treat me. Apparently the whole "I'll be nice if you're nice" motto I've been living on isn't gonna fly anymore :) 

Super Highlights

- We took our investigator, Haksong, to the light festival at the Washington D.C Temple. 

- Ran into my beautiful best friend, Sister Meredith, at the Washington DC Temple's Visitor's Center!

Sister Meredith + Sister Kelly = Soul-Sister Missionaries
This friendship is one of the best gifts ever. 

This Week's Wrap-up:

This week has not been easy and it's safe to say I wasn't "on game." But going to the Temple's Christmas Light Festival last night was such healing oil. Even though I didn't go inside the temple, I felt such joy on the temple grounds and an overwhelming sense of peace. Something about Christmas Lights and seeing Sister Meredith really does fine-tune the soul. As I wandered through the Visitor's Center, I felt such joy. Joy that the gospel is true. Joy in the love and spirit of Christmas.

Love to All,

Sister Elizabeth Kelly  

The Washington DC Temple's Christmas Light Festival

Make new friends, but keep the old...

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