Monday, September 15, 2014

The Umbrella...

Hello Everyone!

So this week was a week of miracles. Sister Savage and I have experienced many blessings and miracles through members and less actives; but we realized that we hadn't had any solid success with investigators. 

But that changed this week.

First, let's back track to about four weeks ago to the worst day of my life as a missionary. Literally, the worst. It rained all day. I love rain, but on this particular day, it poured. My dress got super see-through, my shoes got ruined and I had a headache. To make matters worse, EVERY SINGLE APPOINTMENT FELL THROUGH. Every single one. Which gave us none other option than to tract. All day. In the rain. People were rude to us at the door. It was awful. We were on this particular street and we decided to knock on this one particular door. Why not get yelled at or insulted one more time? We knocked and a man answered. He looked annoyed. I thought, "Great, he probably sees our name tags, hates Mormons, thinks we are crazy because in reality, we looked crazy being so wet and soaked to the bone. 

What did he say to us? "How long have you two girls been out in the rain? WHERE IS YOUR UMBRELLA?!" It was obvious we had forgotten our umbrellas. Why not make this day any worse than it already was? After we told him we didn't have our umbrellas, he raced to his car and gave us his umbrella! Greatest gift ever. We were so shocked at someone being kind to us that we responded awkwardly and I almost started crying and that's never a pretty sight; so, we quickly left. Shout out to my brother Matt who won an umbrella at the Prom last Spring. When he came home at 2 a.m. he said to my mom and dad, "I'm going to give this umbrella to Elizabeth for her mission." I use that umbrella now, Matt. Thank you!

Then a week later, we returned the umbrella and we gave this kind man a copy of The Book of Mormon and a Resotration pamphlet, shared our testimonies, and gave him a thank you card with our number on it. He said he would love for us to come back in a couple weeks. 

So, we left on a really good note.

Flash forward to two days ago. Earlier this week while I was on exchanges (exchanges are when we switch companions for a switch things up); we went to check on him. (We'll call him B for the sake of privacy.) It turned out we knocked on the wrong door. B called us on Saturday and asked if he could have a lesson soon! WHAT? NO ONE DOES THAT!!!! It is usually us missionaires that have to track people down; but, he tracked us down! He was wondering why we hadn't come earlier. We said we would be over that night.

Family and friends, I have never felt more fulfilled as a missionary than when we taught him Saturday night. It was the most beautiful lesson. He came with typed-up questions for both me and Sister Savage and they were the sweetest questions i.e."Why are you Mormons?" "Is is okay to ask God questions?" He read all of 1 Nephi (#amazing) and had so many thought provoking questions on what he had read. He was shocked that other religions don't read The Book of Mormon! He thought it was a beautiful and peaceful book to read. For the "Gospel Blesses Families" portion of the Restoration pamphet, he had printed out a picture of his wife and baby son so he could show us how God has blessed his family. Sister Savage and I completely spoke through the spirit. I was able to tell him my testimony and how this gospel changes lives and brings nothing but peace and joy. He really listened. He drew away from God because he was brought up in a really strict religious home. His dad was a minister but could never answer his questions. He said that Sister Savage and I were able to answer many of them that night. He said such a beautiful closing prayer. We have another lesson with him this week. What a blessing.

My emotions got the best of me when we left his home. Tears. To think that the "worst" day of my mission led to the most beautiful lesson I have ever taught. B is incredible. A true light to all. He is so prepared to become a part of this beautiful gospel and I pray that he will come to find that on his own. We are meeting with him on Wednesday and I cannot wait!

So all in a missionary, you're gonna have wacko, crazy days where giving up sounds glorious. But, you have to keep in mind that God ALWAYS has your back and ALWAYS has a blessing around the corner. So glad I came to realize that. So incredibly glad.

Have a great week...sorry no pictures...all I took this week on my camera is a blurry pic of two cats I was trying to stalk/chase. 

Sister Kelly 

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