Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Family and Friends:

BIG NEWS! I am staying in Oakton for another six weeks! I am so excited! So this means that I will be in my 1st area for a solid 6 months! This doesn't usually happen and I want to thank all who were responsible for me staying here for the holidays. 

Sister Rossi (who by the way is a 100% angel) and I looked at our area/planning book and realized that if we want to meet goals, we need to re-vamp EVERYTHING. Here's hoping that with faith and prayers and hard work we can see miracles happen :) 

A transfer is every six weeks. And a new transfer is cause for reflection. Here are some more things I have learned about life these past six weeks.  

- Homemade cheesecake is better than store bought.
- Dogs can live without teeth.
- Working out gives you energy...who knew?
- Tracting at 8:30 pm is never a good idea.
- Raking leaves for Paster Singleton, a Methodist minister = Getting invited to speak to her Methodist congregation about what we as Mormon missionaries do out here in the mission field. Really excited about this opportunity.
- I cannot cook. Therefore, my future family will be going to Costco on Thanksgiving. 
- Just found out that Costco is closed on Thanksgiving Day. So in that case, we will be going to McDonald's. #amurricah
- I love Virginia autumns.
- I love Virginia homes in the autumn.
- Perfection is not expected of us, all that is expected of us is to try.
- Christ understands everything, so venting to Him is always a good idea. 

Love and Happy Thanksgiving...

Sister Elizabeth Kelly

Our new district. The only one that is new is Elder Adair...he is to my left. 

Us! Together for the holidays. 

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