Monday, April 13, 2015

Choose To Believe

Hello Everyone!

Transfers happened! I stayed in Franconia and Sister Wright went to Warrenton...which is the far edge of our mission, out in horse country. My new companion is Sister Maw. She is 23 yrs. old and has been out for about 5 months.

But the craziest thing of all that happened this week is that I HIT MY HALFWAY MARK on APRIL 9TH!!!!!!!!!

What the heck...I have been out for 9 months. 

We had a huge answer to our prayers this week. It was Sister Wright's last night in Franconia and we went to say goodbye to someone we teach. She had been struggling with some of our doctrine so our lessons always had to be really "light and fragile." Well, that night she told us that she watched General Conference and had a complete life-changing moment when she watched Elder L. Whitney Clayton's talk, "Choose to Believe." She added that everything she had been struggling with, and everything Sister Wright and I had been praying for her to understand...clicked. It just clicked. She now has a full testimony of the gospel. In fact, she bore her testimony yesterday about it in church. I wish I could go more into detail about how amazing it was to see her conversion. But, let's just say that our Mission President found out about it all and told us to write a letter to Elder Clayton himself. Sister Wright took the job since she's MUCH better at explaining things! :)

We went to see the Cherry Blossoms today and it was a MISSIONARY TAKEOVER. No joke--we saw about 100-120 missionaries. About every couple minutes we either saw a missionary or a member who came up to us and said...SISTERS, I'M A MORMON. HI! I saw people from Oakton which was super awesome. It was like seeing family.

Love you all!

Sister Kelly

Ran into some amazing Oakton Ward members. Talk about a trip down memory lane.

Me and my favorite senior missionaries. Ran into them, too!

Me and my new companion, Sister Maw.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful experience! A scripture Mastery verse comes to mind (of course). D&C 18:15-16. Yay!!!