Monday, September 7, 2015

One of the Hardest Weeks, Yet One of the Best Weeks - Funny How That Works

Camille Funk and Sister Kelly
Another BYU Connection.

Hello Everyone!

This week was really incredible. Probably one of the hardest, yet probably one of the best. Funny how that works. I might only have one more Sunday in Potomac and that thought literally makes me sick. I love these people so much...more than anything. Some incredible things have happened lately. We have had some miraculous experiences with finding new many people and so little time to tell the stories! But I will say that the Lord has put so many prepared people in our path. We have so many incredible Ward members anxious to help out and extend their love towards them.

We have been out on the streets talking to a lot of people and it's been such an incredible experience. I feel like I've met people that have helped me and have been such an incredible motivation...whether or not they accept our message. On Saturday, we went on exchanges and street contacted for 7 hours and, even though my legs almost died, I was so excited to be out and about reminding people of God's love for them.

We may be having a baptism soon. Our investigator that we have been teaching for 4 months wants to get baptized really soon. We asked what he thought about October 24 and he said, "Uhhh, can I do it earlier?" UH, YEAH. YOU CAN DO EARLIER! Sister Corey and I were so excited! Potomac Ward hasn't had a baptism in almost 18 months.

We also have had so many people walk into church saying they want to be taught. I thought that was a total myth, but it happens.

Our days have been consisting of teaching, finding, teaching, being in the grand company of our Potomac peeps, some more finding and some more teaching. Safe to say that I'm exhausted.

Oh, and we took a tour of the White House and then went to the National Zoo to stalk the pandas. I took all the photos on my camera....only to find out that our lobby computer won't download pictures from a those pics won't come for a while :( But, we saw pandas. I almost died; I was so excited!

Love you all - 

Sister Kelly

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