Monday, September 21, 2015

The Rural Area of the Mission

Jeyben's Baptism. With Sister Corey and Sister Tescher

Hey Everyone -

I got transferred to yet ANOTHER singles' ward! The Braddock Singles' Ward to be exact. The ward covers the rural area of the mission. I'm in the sticks. We drive a lot.

It was really weird leaving Potomac. I felt numb for about 48 hours and I'm still in the process of snapping out of it. But I'm excited to be in another singles' ward. #singleforever

Funny how the Potomac Ward was joking about me getting "banished" to Warrenton, VA and it turns out that Warrenton is in my area. Ha!

I love my new companion Sister Waldron. She is from a small town in Washington State.  I will officially be her last companion in the mission field because she goes home in six weeks, or "next transfer." She is awesome! Fun fact: I replaced her in Potomac.

JEYBEN GOT BAPTIZED! It was amazing. The spirit was incredibly strong. He bore his testimony at the end of the service. President and Sister Huntsman came which was a special treat. Sister Huntsman found for me a copy of the hymn "Amazing Grace" so that I could play my violin for the baptism. Thank you, Sister Huntsman.

Also, the night before I left Potomac, an old investigator texted us to hang out....we hadn't heard from him in months. We were so shocked. He talked about the changes he made in his life while he took a "break from us." The changes were brought about because of the spirit he felt as he learned the gospel.

I'm exited for this new journey. Braddock might be my last area; so I better make it a good one!

Sister Kelly

Landing in my new apartment in Springfield, VA
Please note:  Blix Thompson's famous satin blanket in the foreground.
Given to me before I was born.
The best blanket ever. 

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