Monday, May 25, 2015

A Blurry Week With Some Memorable Highlights

Hey Guys!

Today I went to the temple and whenever that happens I get NO time to email! Sorry for anyone who's getting upset right now. I promise I will make up for it next week?

This week was literally a blur. I think I remember going to Cafe Rio. Oh and I got really sick. So THAT was fun. We have really awesome investigators that are REALLY sincere and it makes me excited to see them search for truth. Truth can be hard to search for; so it's incredible to see these people seek with real intent. I know they will get their answers! 

We street contact a lot over here. I thought it would be the same as tracting (knocking on doors) but OH NO. It's way different. Yet, I still can't decide if people are nicer or meaner...

Something amazing happened to Sister Tescher and me. We talked to a FISHERMAN (my new dream job) and it was quite touching. He said he had been searching for something such as our gospel. When we read the Book of Mormon with him, he said he felt a strong feeling of peace and comfort. Then he said, "Thanks for talking to a guy like me." UM OF COURSE, nice fisherman guy who looks like Chris Rock! 

That's literally all I remember from this week...ahh sorry. But to spice things up, here are some random photo gems I forgot I took. You can create your own captions. 


Sister Kelly

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