Monday, May 4, 2015

Sister Kelly Goes To The Pentagon

The Pentagon where Sister Kelly had a tour today on May the 4th, 2015.
I can't resist..."May the Fourth Be With You" as you tour such a powerful building.

Dear Family and Friends: 

No blog from Sister Kelly this week. What we do know is that she is busy and we will be Skyping her on Mother's Day. Her dad thinks a phone call would be better "because we already know what she looks like." And, "Skyping is such a pain." I tend to agree. But, Skype we will, this Sunday. 

What we do know is that Sister Kelly took a tour of the Pentagon today. See the above photo and the quote I know I will get into a lot of trouble adding. 

Also, today, my mom (Grandma Kay), met someone from Elizabeth's mission. Grandma Kay went to the Payson Temple's Open House. Payson is a city about 60 miles south of Salt Lake. At an Open House for a temple, our church usually sets up a temporary visitor's center where local missionaries can explain our church and the significance of a temple. My mother works around a lot of sister missionaries and she always makes a point to give a hug to them as if it was their grandma. One of the sister missionaries Grandma Kay hugged was Sister Henninger serving her mission in Utah. She is from the Oakton Ward (Virginia). That was Elizabeth's first area on her mission and Sister Henninger and Sister Kelly know each other. After Grandma Kay whipped out a photo of Elizabeth on her phone, Sister Henninger confirmed that yes indeed, she knows Sister Kelly. A fun moment for a grandma with a missionary. 

We wait for the 40 minute Sunday Skype Session.


Marya (Sister Kelly's Mom)

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