Monday, May 11, 2015

My Ten Month Mark

Happy Mother's Day! Me and Mrs. Baxter. 

Hey Everyone!

Reached my 10 month mark this week and I can't decide if that's weird or not. 

But hey, here are 10 neat things that happened this week.

1. We got a new vacuum! I told the Office Elders, after they drove an hour to give us the vacuum, that we were planning on getting them Taco Bell in honor of their good efforts. But,  Sister Maw and I didn't have enough time to get "the Taco Bell." When they arrived, the Elders became really awkward and walked away. Probably because we didn't keep our promise about getting them Taco Bell. 

2. Sister Maw crocheted me a little pineapple. I find it really cute and it's sitting on my desk. #flashback to when my Archaeology partner at BYU crocheted me an octopus finger puppet....I guess I'm just really easy to crochet for ;)   

3. Speaking of crochet, we joined the Sunrise Living Knitting Club and we now go every Friday morning. 

4. We've been having wonderful experiences getting random promptings to knock on someone's door and every time it turns out to be a really cool miracle.


6. We've been playing a lot of Mexican Train and Uno with the people we teach...and then obviously tying it back to something spiritual....;)

7. The other day, I saw a lady struggling to carry her groceries on the sidewalk, but we were driving in the opposite direction. I FELT TERRIBLE.  So, I made some slightly illegal turns and we hunted her down to help her. She actually didn't want our help but accepted a Book of Mormon. Yay! 

8. We made really cute cards for the single moms in the ward and gave them out. It totally made their day and we felt so great.

9. The Elders bought Mrs. Baxter a balloon, flowers and we all signed a card for her for Mother's Day. Her reaction was so cute and the pics are even cuter! 

10. I GOT TO SKYPE MY FAMILY YESTERDAY FOR MOTHER'S DAY. It was such a tender mercy hearing from them and laughing with them. I love my family so much. So glad I can be with them forever!


Sister Kelly

My family's view from Skype.

My view from Skype.

Mrs. Baxter...

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