Monday, February 9, 2015

7 Things

Hey Everyone!

Today is my seventh month mark. SO, in honor of this glorious day and to honor my favorite Miley Cyrus song, here is a list of  "7 things":

My favorite 7 things that happened this week:

1. You already know that I really loved serving in the Oakton Ward. One of the many reasons why I loved the Oakton Ward was the Sonntag family. From playing "Apples to Apples" on Thanksgiving Day to numerous inside jokes...Sister Rossi and I made so many memories with that family. Well God knew that not having the Sonntags in my life would be rather difficult when I got transferred to the Franconia Ward. He blessed me to be in the same area where Sister Sonntag's parents, Elder and Sister Rothermel, are serving a senior couple's mission. I knew the Rothermels because they would often be at the Sonntag's home when Sister Rossi and I visited. It was such a treat to have the Rothermels in my new area.  Well, last week, the Rothermel's received permission for Sister Wright and I to have dinner with them and THE SONNTAGS SURPRISED ME AT THE ROTHERMEL'S HOME! Such a tender mercy. It was so good to see them again. Ahhh, Sonntag Family, I love you so much! So does Admiral (ha!)

Me and Samara.
Beckham Sonntag and me. Buddies 4 life. 

2. Going to the Arlington National Cemetery on Monday with a beloved member.

The faces of two missionaries who walked around the Arlington Cemetery in 20 degree weather.
So rough but so worth it. 

3. Teaching the gospel to our investigators who are teenagers and are such a blessing.
4. Shout out to my amazing San Francisco grandma (Moo), for giving me the sweetest letter and a really beautiful poem she copied for me. It talked about leadership and how sometimes true leaders are the ones backstage, with no glory to their name. I love you, Moo.  
5. Shout out to Grandma Kay, my other amazing (Provo) grandma, for shipping out COOKIES FROM SWIG!!!!!  Grandmas always know the keys to their grandchildren's hearts. 

My Swig cookie. 
6. Conquered indexing a family tree in Ipswich, England from the early 1880s. They had the coolest handwriting. But the handwriting was very hard to read. But, I did it. 
7. My companion, Sister Wright and I discovered 1 Peter 1:7. Our trials, especially the ones of our faith, are rough sometimes. But in the end, they are so valuable to our progression. 

My not so favorite 7 things that happened this week:

1. A family from Cameroon dropped us. Via text. 
2. One of our investigator's dad said, "No" to his baptism. So, no Valentine's Day baptism :(
3. The other investigator's mom said she can't get baptized for another year and a half :(
4. Our apartment reeks of marijuana sometimes.  
5. I thought something was stuck at the top of my eye. I had to go to Urgent Care because it was THAT BAD and found out it wasn't a mote in my eye but a CUT 1 cm long inside my upper eyelid. 
6. The doctor at Urgent Care "flushed out my eye" for 10 whole min. Top 5 most physically uncomfortable things to ever happen to me. 
7. I look like The Exorcist in the pics Sister Wright took at Urgent Care.

Gold stars for anyone who can figure out where my eye is in this pic. 

Straight-up Exorcist.
I love this work. Thank you for your love, prayers and support...especially the poem and the cookies from Swig. I love my grandmas.  

Have a great week!

Sister Kelly

My district. The one and only.

Called to Serve in Style.

Sunrise outside of our apartment window. 

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