Monday, November 16, 2015

Believing in Christ

Sister Moore and Sister Kelly

Hey Everyone!

Oh goodness this will be a short one!

I love Sister Moore so much. She actually bought me cat socks. We laugh so hard together that I feel like I'm back at college.

Also, my toothbrush fell out of my bag (long story) and got destroyed and contaminated and it was a major First World problem. So, sweet Josi, a college student from the Braddock Singles' Ward bought me a toothbrush. See photo below of her handing me the greatest gift since Sister Moore's cat socks.

Both Sister Moore and I are so motivated to work hard. It feels really great to dedicate your whole day to the Lord. I love the Braddock Ward so much. Our Bishop is incredible and I love our Ward members.

A lot of things happened this week that kept reminding me that God will always win...even though it might not look like it. He just always wins. If we pray and ask Him questions, He will give much more clear and peaceful answers than Google...or worse, Facebook.

Sister Moore showed me this article called "Believing Christ" by Stephen E. Robinson that I really loved. Here's a little story from the article. 

" When my son Michael was six or seven, he did something I thought was wrong. He is my only son, and I want him to be better than his dad was. So when he slipped up, I sent him to his room with the instructions, 'Don’t you dare come out until I come and get you!'

And then I forgot. Some hours later, as I was watching television, I heard his door open and tentative footsteps coming down the hall. I slapped my forehead and ran to meet him. There he was, with swollen eyes and tears on his cheeks. He looked up at me--not quite sure he should have come out--and said, 'Dad, can’t we ever be friends again?' I melted and pulled him to me. He’s my boy, and I love him.

We all do things that disappoint our Father in Heaven, that separate us from his presence, his Spirit. There are times when we get sent to our rooms, spiritually though not physically. When that happens, we sometimes lift up our eyes and say, 'O Father, can’t we ever be friends again?' The answer, found in all the scriptures, is a resounding 'Yes--through the atonement of Christ.' I particularly like the way it is put in Isaiah 1:18: 'Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.' [Isa. 1:18]"

With that, I would like to bear testimony that I know this church is true. It is. It just is. Everything that is done in this church is done through a Father in Heaven that loves ALL of His children and that we have a Savior who loves us no matter what. They both love us no matter who we are. It might be hard to feel that love...I know because sometimes I can feel a distance from it. But that does not mean that their unconditional love is not there.

Love you all, 

xoxo Sister Kelly

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