Thursday, August 21, 2014

Unforgettable Highlights~Awkward Lowlights

Hello Everyone: 

Why am I writing this on Thursday? My companion, Sister Savage and I are off to the Washington D.C Temple this afternoon. We switched our P Day (Preparation Day) from Monday to Thursday. We went 11 days without email. Yep, you heard that correctly. Eleven days without access to our email. We almost died. Seriously, I am never doing that again. But all is well because we are off to the temple this afternoon. It is such a sacred place and such a blessing! 

Since I have another Preparation Day on Monday, I will write a more "in-depth" post but until then, here are some unforgettable highlights, as well as awkward lowlights:

Unforgettable Highlights:

Just starting the day by reading The Book of Mormon is so peaceful. I am grateful for the time I have to read this wonderful book of scripture and a testament of Jesus Christ. 

The baptism line-up. 
Tian's BAPTISM. A highlight that left a lasting impression on me. Her baptism was beautiful. She shared her testimony about how she is so grateful to have found God and how she cannot wait to share the gospel message with her family in China. She is so amazing as well as strong. I was able to play the violin at the baptismal service. I was overjoyed - surprisingly so, since I hadn't played the violin in over a year. Shout out to my family and the Mitchell family for sprucing up my violin, giving it love, and sending me music. I loved the photo you sent of Jack looking bewildered at how small the rosin was in my violin case. Proof that my violin was behind Poppa's bedroom door for a year and well...thanks to my family and the Mitchells, this "light 'o mine," is no longer under a bushel, or behind Poppa's bedroom door. I am shaking off the past and, moving on... 

Jack has never seen such small rosin.
Kate getting my violin mission-ready.
We found some new investigators. One is named Al. He is about 60 yrs. old and has an awesome mustache. I am pretty sure his wife thinks he is crazy for taking discussions but oh well; she'll learn ;) We also found a married couple that are so sweet and amazing. We gave them a Book of Mormon and a pamphlet and  we are meeting with them this week!  

There is a wonderful couple in our ward, The Stoddarts. After careful consideration, I decided to share something with her that is very near and dear to my heart: I told her to watch the fabulous movie, "Strictly Ballroom." She watched it and she loved it; just as I knew she would. For the record, Scott Hastings will forever be one of my heroes because he danced, "unfederated, new steps," in the Pan-Pacific. That movie is epic. I now officially consider Sister Stoddart a true homie. 


Awkward Lowlights:

Once Upon A Time this past Monday, I woke up and got out of bed way too fast and PASSED OUT. I full-on collapsed on the bathroom floor. But, I am fine! I didn't hurt myself and I was able to go out and work. Sister Savage and I laughed because it was so random. Like, what in the world?

This past week, Sister Savage and I went to visit this less-active member. We knocked on her door. She welcomed us into her home. She was this sweet-old-thing from Idaho Falls. She continued to be sweet until we invited her to find her Book of Mormon and asked her to start reading it again......and she KICKED US OUT. She then told me to stop talking. My companion offered a closing prayer. Then she told us to leave. Well, okay then. Sometimes you have to laugh about things. And laugh we did.  

Thank you so much for the support. I love every one of you! I mean it. 


Sister Elizabeth Kelly  

Tian and me with one of our very best friends: Kate Spade. 

Sunday evening, August 17th, the day after Tian's baptism. 

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