Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week Two in the MTC...but who's counting?

Hello family and friends!

     Well, I found out something tragic about my roommates/companions. NONE of them have ever listened to Beyonce and two of them have never been to Chipotle. Crazy. Unacceptable. I leave the MTC tonight for DC! I can't decide if time flew by or took forever in here. These past two weeks were the most humbling weeks of my life. The MTC is NOT easy. But that does not mean it is terrible in here. To think of how much I have learned in two weeks is CRAZY! Two weeks before entering the MTC I was binge watching "Scandal" and sleeping in until whenever. Now I am a totally different person!
     Here are a few things that I have learned in here that changed me. Signs that I am maturing:
- I get up at 6:30 every morning and by some miracle, it's not even hard! I thought I would have a full on temper tantrum every morning. Never happened. For example:  One of the girls in my room, Sister Johnson, threatened to kill me this morning for saying, "Hello Seesters! It's time to wake up!" Yeah.... I pretty much feared for my life. Getting up is a lot easier than I thought!
- I actually eat fruit! I live off bananas! Yay for health! I actually eat super healthy. #miracle
- I cry. The tears are happening everyday. But it's mostly happy tears. I feel like an emotional grandma because I cry over the sweetest stuff. Like when I got the Whitman's package or the Nuttall's cupcakes or Susan Keller's cookies (SHOUTOUT TO YOU GUYS. THANK YOU SO MUCH).  Every letter from my family or friends? Tears. I'm not a crier.  What is happening to me? I'm a mess.
- I have learned so much about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I learned how to be an effective teacher to those who want to hear our beautiful message!
- My testimony has strengthened so much! In just two weeks! Probably because I have never prayed harder in my life than these past two weeks. I pray a lot and I feel so much closer to Heavenly Father.
     MAJOR HIGHLIGHT THIS WEEK. MY BEAUTIFUL, BEST FRIEND, KARENNA GOT CALLED TO THE WASHINGTON D.C NORTH MISSION! I balled like a baby when I found out (ugh, typical Sister Kelly) God knew that we needed to be close. He just knew.
     One last thing. (Gotta leave this on a spiritual note)
     Yesterday I did NOT want to go to Zone Study. I hate Zone Study. But I felt strongly that I should go. I somehow felt that if I go to Zone Study, I would be glad I went. So I did. In Zone Study, we do teaching drills where we teach certain doctrines of our church for five minutes to practice teaching the basics without the fluff. We switch partners every five minutes. For the "Family Can Be Together Forever" principle, I had a strong feeling to ask Elder Swapp to be my partner. Elder Swapp's brother past away last month; he was 13 and mentally handicapped. Elder Swapp is from rural Utah (going to Minneapolis, MN on his mission). He is super shy and has a really hard time opening up. After reading a passage in "Preach My Gospel" about the comfort of having loved ones die because families are sealed for time and all eternity, I looked up at Elder Swapp and blurted, "Elder? Do you sometimes feel your brother watching over you?" Tears welled up in his eyes and he said, "Yeah. I feel him all the time." I responded, now teary, and said, "I know you feel your brother with you because I can feel my grandpa (Poppa) with me all the time." We both had a moment. It was such a sweet experience. One I will cherish forever. 
     I want to end my 2nd blog entry but FINAL entry from the MTC by sharing my testimony. I know that families can be together forever. Families are so important. I know that I will see Poppa again. I also know that Elder Swapp will see his brother again.  

Love you all! 

Sister Kelly

P.S. If you would like to contact me next week, email me at:  elizabeth.kelly@myldsmail.net because as of today, my MTC address is no longer valid. I will have my DC address next Monday.  

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